Saturday, July 30, 2011

How To Pack Your Memories So You'll See Them Again

Part of the nightmare of moving is finding things stuffed into other things which in turn leads you to finding other things that you forgot you had.  Ultimately you realize you have too many things.

And that your vocabulary needs work if you can't find a synonym for the word 'things.'

I found all these pictures hidden in an album I forgot I had. Because I have too many things.

Exhibits A through D:

A. My sister and I appeared in our hometown newspaper holding balls. Prophetic.

B. Then my sister decided to grow her cheeks in earnest:
C.  This is one of a handful of pictures from a time when my hair was not stick straight. I was in the 9th grade and can't believe I thought this looked good. I'm hoping I was drunk during this era, which would also explain my math grades:

D. Lindy and I have avoided being in weddings our entire lives. The ugly dresses, the expensive gifts to a bride and groom who you'll lose touch with in 6 years and who will ultimately divorce after one of them sleeps with the babysitter. Not to mention no one can afford lobster at their reception.

But this was the one and only nuptials we agreed to participate in. Our father's 4th wedding. And that was because he paid our airfare. And wrote us each a check. And promised me a new car if I didn't swear.

I still have the same old car.

Could my Dad look any more grim?


  1. I also have a few hairstyles and pairs of glasses which make me hope I was drunk or high when I chose them.

  2. You are the only person I know to look good in a picture from the late 70s/early 80s - you look like Bo Derek in that last photo with your Dad, who should stop getting married.

  3. I'm thinking that's a smirk on your dad's face. You know he was thinking, all I had to do was get married to get my daughters here for a photo op. That, or hey, if this one doesn't turn out, I'll just get divorced.

  4. Nice. I have a similar photo of my sister and I, but we are holding hand bags made out of bull-nuts. Tiny Bullnut Handbags. given to us by a dairy farming relative. Probably explains a lot, I just refuse to be introspective.

  5. My sister just looked at the first picture of us and sent me this email:

    "I think you look retarded in the pic of us holding the balls. Look again!"

  6. Oh.''


    Laughing out loud at "Holding balls, how prophetic."

    You funny woman, you see things others don't.

    This was good....

    Thanks for making me laugh while I miss my boy.


  7. I bet Dad was thinking 'why are my daughters hotter than my next wife?'

  8. I have never been in wedding, either. Except for the one where I was one of the participants.

  9. Why on earth were you in the newspaper for holding balls?!

    And that last picture looks like y'all are on the Love Boat!

  10. shit... i'd look a helluva lot more grim if i tied the knot four times!

    [but... why would i?]

    actually, that wave in your hair looks good!


    and aren't chubby cheeks the BEST? Well, except if we have them now, of course...