Thursday, June 17, 2010

L.A. Sign of the Times #58

I took this picture back in 2008. Possibly 2007. I just recently figured out how to get it out of my cell phone and onto my computer.

Obviously I don't have an iPhone. Or any kind of smartphone. I'd say it was a dumbphone but was it really the phone's fault that I couldn't send a picture to myself?

I think not.


  1. Anonymous4:26 PM

    As someone who can barely operate a dumbphone, I can relate.

    Just found your site thanks to Alexandra from Good Day, Regular People - love it! Looking forward to more peeing through thongs.

  2. Anonymous4:33 PM

    HA! I have s dumbphone too.... none of that expensive stuff for this gal to make life easier. Have a couple of pics on my phone too but just use them for the background/wallpaper pic on the phone. DOH.


  3. Soooo. Am I supposed to talk about your phone or the goofballs holding the Love signs?

    How about neither.

    Is that Topanga Canyon?

  4. 2007? 2007????

    I think I was 5 then.

  5. if it does that, it's NOT a 'phone' :P lol

  6. I might need you to give me instructions on how to get the photos off my old "dumb" phone so I can get rid of it. I've had the new "smart" phone for months, but still have the old one sitting around because I don't know how to get the photos out of there!

  7. Anonymous11:56 AM

    This is not one of those photos that speaks volumes on it's own.
    It requires an explanation.
    Color me curious, who is LOVE? Was LOVE just released from prison? Is LOVE the new HELLO KITTY? I do not understand.
    By the way, is it wise to display all your jewelry? Crackheads cannot decipher a real pearl from plastic and they need only look for the tin lizard to figure out where you live.
    I adore you, always will, but you are a worry.
    X David

  8. Um, yes, sorry, can't say that about the phone.