Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why The Internet Doesn't Always Suck

I got an email from a guy in NY who said I had tested with him a long time ago and no Paul you can't tell anyone WHEN. He asked me if I remembered him and the session, which was for his photography portfolio.

I didn't.

So he sent me the photos and contact sheets, and in the interim I thought he was the guy who took pictures of me rollerskating. But no, no roller skating photos.

I bought that hat somewhere at some time and in some city and even though I no longer have it, I have a better one in black and white. I am quite the hat freak. Maybe I don't have to add the word "hat" to that sentence.

I was posing with my Yorkie who was an absolute terror and once went into a neighbor's apartment, grabbed their bird by the wing and was dragging him down the hallway amidst the screams of my friends.

In my dog's defense, who lets a bird walk around the fucking FLOOR and leaves their door open? I screamed at Kiko to drop it but he picked up steam and started trotting, like a horse, until I caught him by the neck. The bird was okay and when I got my dog home I discovered a blueish-green feather on his snout. I framed it with a picture of him. Every time I see it I laugh.

Kiko hated one of my boyfriends so much that we were up late playing LPs yo, and the next morning discovered one little poop on each album we'd left out. Some were in jagged piles and he climbed the piles just to make a higher-up poop.

That's commitment.

The point of all this and YES I HAVE ONE is that in some moments of our lives, when we feel we look like shit? Turns out all we need is a good photographer. And a funny dog.

End of chat.


  1. What a gorgeous photo Suzy! I have a yorkie too..She is a pistol. Have a great night! Kori xoxo

  2. I love love love that photo! You're beautiful! Don't forget it...

  3. What a great dog!

    And that picture is beautiful!

  4. Suzy,a funny dog and a good photographer, and some times a friendly bartender that can mix a good stiff drink.

  5. On my best day, I've never looked that good! And Kiko is adorable. It's always the cutest ones that cause the most trouble, huh?

  6. That hat is to die for.

    (Fabulous pic. FABULOUS.)

  7. I wish I looked great in hats like you do; I'm so envious.

    And I love Kiko's attutude!

  8. what a incredible photo !!
    my vesion is ... all i need is a good painting and my 4 ( !!! ) Lhasa apsos !!

    see you Susy !!
    i like your atitude !!

  9. When I recently decided to try and find some of the great folks I photographed...ahhh...back then, I had no idea how many good stories and memories would come back.
    I always loved this particular image taken in Gracie Park, NYC.
    Thank you all, and Suzy, for the compliments.
    Now I can say...I knew "babka girl" when....
    "Right Kiko?"

  10. You look so pretty in that pic, both you and the dog look sweet.
    And now we know the dog wasn't so...
    My Yorkie was a terror too. Spiteful and smart, bad combo.
    So to keep it from punishing me with "gifts" when I would go out I would put him in the laundry room while I was gone. He hated it.
    So, whenever I would put on perfume the yorkie would run and hide. The good smell was the signal that I was going out!
    I eventually realized that I should spray it on AFTER I left the house.

    Paul, love the golden light in that pic, makes Suzy and the yorkie glow, don't see that as much with digital.

  11. Suzy I had a yorkie who didn't like my ex-husband. She would shit in his shoes. She would literally climb into his shoes after he took them off and shit in each one. Yet he continued to take them off and leave them on the floor. That dog was brilliant and absolutely right about the ex-hole.

  12. Good lighting is a must as well.


  13. You are a beauty!

    I know, right, when I'm being photographed I'm thinking, yuk I look horrible.

    And then when I see an old photograph, I think "that was not good? I'd love to look like that again".

    Never happy.

  14. I can't decide if you're mostly funny or mostly gorgeous. Yeah, both. I have some stuff, (people), I'd like to shit on.

  15. Anonymous5:30 PM

    You might want to consider photo-shopping the bird's feather and/or wing into the shot (dangling either out of your mouth or the dog's -- your choice). Loved it, loved it, loved it.

  16. Look at you pretty girl! I love the picture.

  17. You look all kinds of hot!

  18. Was that dog a music critic, because it makes a memorable point.

  19. Wow, it is hard to tell from that little one you post down there, but you are gorgeous. Nice hat too

  20. higher up poop. lol

  21. I love this photo. And I especially love how you might hate the dog you're holding, but your probably love the dog and it's just that the dude behind the camera is annoying the hell out of you.

  22. Anonymous4:44 PM

    For some reason, I see the likeness from that photograph
    to Alicia Silverstone.

    Compliments all around, to you,
    your longlost photographer and
    that cutie Yorkie.

    Did you mention the year and I missed it?

    I'm with anyone who says that they look back on photos and now see
    the beauty that was usually missed
    by our youthful minds (media, etc.etc.)