Friday, November 06, 2009

It's Everybody Can Bite Me Friday!

Remember when I posted that calling someone a 'douche' was not an insult because anyone who took high school French knows douche means 'shower?' No of course you don't because I can't remember anything I write so why should you?

But in case you have forgotten, look at this below. Now you'll never be able to call someone that name again without wondering if the person who heard it isn't thinking:

"She thinks I need to take a shower? Now, in the middle of the day while working on my power point presentation? Okay then, bye everybody! Sorry I was dirty. See you tomorrow."
You want to piss someone off? ADD THE BAG.


  1. 243.

    BUT the scale said 130. I get one pound for the heavy belt.

    But still,


  2. I am stocking up on douche bags. What a genius and hysterical idea!

  3. a shower bag?! What on earth would that be?!

  4. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Showering is fabulous. I just found out that a water main broke outside the apt where I used to live. Everyone for the past two days has had to take a pail down to the fire hydrant and carry water up. Yikes! They need a douche bucket.
    Aloha, MJ

  5. Suzy, so glad you posted, i needed a laff.
    I bought some of this shampoo one time, it did not fix the dandruff problem, it just made my hair get stiff and hard.
    Had to quit using it, it was too embarasing.

  6. "Douche" has had its day. I'm kicking it old school with "butthole."

  7. Old school NJ word as in, "... such a douche bag!"
    or "what a douche!"
    Even writing that, I feel like a kid again!
    Thanks Suzy :)

  8. Did Ann have the balls to mention a scale?

    A SCALE??


  9. I used to love to call people Douche bags!!!
    Now I just use the accepted "loser" or "retard", mostly when speaking of myself.

  10. is that the same as 'hose bag'? :O lol

  11. I took German in high school. My instructor was in a concentration camp. She told us about being taken to the douche house and all the boys snickered and all the girls blushed. The instructor didn't understand what was so funny about being sent to douche house and getting gassed.

  12. Chandler in Las Vegas8:20 PM

    what was so funny about being sent to douche house and getting gassed.

    Obviously not a comic sitting at the bar making fun of the "headliner".

  13. I never forget the bag. Or the old.

    Salut, ol' Pooz!

    Bag Identifer xxxx

  14. It's just like the Yanks to ruin a perfectly good French word. Why would you want to douche anyway?

  15. My sister "Preppy" used to call me and my sister little douche bags...that was in the 70's! In Germany the shower wash I use is call douche das always makes me laugh!

  16. There's no confusion if you just say f*cking idiot.

  17. Suzy,
    your blog cracks me up! Thanks so much for following mine. Have a great Sunday girl! Kori xoxo