Monday, April 20, 2009

Pink Dot Redux

I'm addicted to this takeout store. I've been using them for many months and sometimes they send me the same delivery guys. In the last few weeks, they have gotten sloppy and keep leaving ONE item out. There's one guy, Geronimo, who never makes mistakes. He's from South America and due to my clumsy Spanish he now speaks in Spanish exclusively to me except at the end when he says 'Goodbye.'

The last time he came, 2 days ago, I was telling him how great he was and how I was going to call Pink Dot and tell them that. His face turned grey and I'm sure it's because I really said "Hey Geronimo, where's your horse and face paint?"

As I mentioned, my Spanish is sketchy. Or non-existentimento.

He left. I called Pink Dot. I raved on and on about Geronimo and they thanked me for the feedback because it helped the drivers. I unpacked my groceries and MY TWO MILKY WAYS WERE NOT THERE. Which is the only reason I ordered from the stupid ass store. I did not call back and complain, like I usually do, because I was afraid Geronimo would lose his job in a country whose only English word he knows is 'goodbye.'

And who told me I needed two Milky Ways anyway? I know it was one of you.

End of chat.


  1. Geronimo? really?

    "Hey sassy, hide those damn Milky ways before Suzy sees them....."

  2. to hell with the milky way bars, time to move up to 3-musketeers, mounds, or even almond joy! ;) lol

  3. Anonymous5:38 AM

    milky way? quien carajo come esa mierda hoy dia? YUK?!?!?


  4. dang..feel for ya, when you have your mouth set for a milky way.. To think I mentioned chocolate covered cherries to you and you threw you stilettos at me...humm! oh no,no,no that's not me laughing.

  5. Did Geronimo show up in a Cadillac?

    I wouldn't be able to sing to him because I would be singing...Oh Lord take me back I want to ride in Geronimo's Cadillac....

    I swore off sugar. I have not had a Milky Way, Almond Joy, Ex-lax...nothing for 2 months now and it's killing me.

  6. Geronimo. Awesome. Milky Ways? Seriously?

  7. Milky Way? Blech!

    Peanut Butter M&M's. Seriously.

    Can you try to get a picture of Geronimo next time he turns gray. I think that would really add to the story. Just sayin'.

  8. he'll bring them next time...he was just testing you

  9. He left out the milky ways? I totally would have had him fired for that.

  10. Maybe he thought you were saying, "Keep the Milky Ways for a tip."

  11. OH well. Good deed done for the millenium. Carry on...

  12. I DISTINCTLY said to send you Snickers. Damnit, Pink Dot.

  13. Anonymous1:11 PM

    CAUTION! My dear friend who lives in Burvank and is "large and lovely" (okay, she's more than chubby), is now married to her former pizza delivery man. Do you want to marry Geronimo? Could he be worse than any of your other boyfriends? Gasp!
    Martha Jane

  14. I would be so p-oh'd if they forgot my chocolate, I always put mine in my purse, not with the regular groceries! BTW, visit here when you get a chance:)for a Suzy shoutout!

  15. Haven't you all figured out that a woman who loves Chuckles clearly has a sugar and chocolate addiction AS WELL.

  16. I live in the wrong place. No pne up here will deliver a Milky Way. I have to go get it myself! Boo

  17. Oh, please tell me you eat your Milky Ways in layers. First you nibble off the chocolate....

  18. Ha' maybe Geronimo is going to use the milky ways to paint his face next time he delivers to your home. :) Loved your last 4 post.

    Stop by when you get a chance, I'm hosting a giveaway.


  19. laughing wof, I LOVE Almond Joys!

    lama, thanks for your vote, do you want me to vote for you? I couldn't find it!!

    Kris, thanks!

    Mrs. K, adios


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