Friday, January 29, 2010

It's Everybody Can Bite Me Friday!

Spamming is at an all time high. Because TV and magazines are dying on the vine and more and more money is going into blog adverts. Spammers are riding the wave.

FUCK THAT SHIT. I've enabled word verification. I've been using comment moderation successfully but now I'm even tired of having to physically reject the spammers' comments every morning. And of having them jam up my email inbox. Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey...say goodbye.

Who says 'dying on the vine' anymore? 98 year old people, that's who.

Remember the Guess The Amount of my ER Bill contest? The winner was Jackie. She said she "really wanted that tee shirt." Apparently as much as I want gonorrhea since I never heard from her.

Now what? Maybe the next closest guess? Someone go figure it out for me and the person who figures it out PLUS the next closest guess both get a free tee shirt.

Can you believe how lazy I am?

Remember how I begged you relentlessly to keep me in the Top 10 of the Blogger's Choice Awards in the Humor category? After being in 13th place (out of 3500+ entries) I finished 9th. So thank you all for your generosity and if I ever beg for votes again, please feel free to steal my car.

I got this email last week and can honestly say it's the stupidest one I've received in my 12 years online:

I am Mrs Claire Page sending you this mail from my sick bed in the hospital. Write my lawyer(

That's IT.

And finally, if you have me listed on your blog roll and I don't have you listed on mine, please send me an email so I can add you. It occurred to me that some of you are much nicer than I am and while I can live with that, it turns out I really can't.

End of chat.


  1. OMG, spam is going to be the death of us all. When is someone going to invent the virtual equivalent to the "no junk mail" sign we use on our letterboxes?

  2. I'm pretty sure I was next winner! Maybe! And also you have my sister on blog roll and I'm pretty sure I was following you first...just saying!Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. -->I pulled a you today and woke up at 4:30 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep.
    I was getting spam on certain posts and locked those down to comments and so far, it's worked.
    You're on my blogroll, not sure if I'm on yours.


  4. So should I quit begging for votes over here?

    Cause I'm about OUT of begging energy.

    And I MIGHT have to enable to word verif. as well. I am getting spammed to no end.

  5. Suzy, I bought a soammer trap on line offin one them ads, went to the best buy store to ask thet youngun how to usr it.
    He just laughed, asked me how much the shipping was, I tole him it cost me sixty bucks. Hell he fell out. Turns out you can't set the damn thin lessen you wanna be the bait.
    ps: turns out it was from one them spammin companies.

  6. I'm trying to just ignore the spammers and one in particular has got my dander up. Have definitely noticed, however, that the quantity of spammers grew expotentially when I switche my email account to yahoo.

  7. OMG, I did the same thing as you and DEB and woke up at 4 and couldn't fall back to sleep. That's what I get for going to bed early like a good girl!
    You are too funny. I am also tired of spam but too lazy to enable word verification. Maybe later.
    I nominate you for the next Tonight Show host. I can't stand the others. So sick of hearing about it. Give it up Jay and Conan, your ratings are down because you are not funny, duh, make way for SUZY!

  8. Ok ok ok I've got the contest thing figured out.

    Your ER bill * # of you's (6 or 7) / the pain you endured (174560) * square root of pie (banana) = ME

    I really can't believe you couldn't figure that out yourself!!!

  9. Ha, I love you. Seriously, what is up with the spammers. I don't have a ton of traffic so how the hell are they even finding me?! I'm about to enable the word verification so everyone else can type words like "thogensp" really, that is the word at the bottom as I type this.

  10. First off... my sister is SO competitive.
    Second- I got the tees! Thank you, love them.
    Jackie doesn't know what she is missing.

    Also, do you really want the scarf? The pink and black tie-dye?

    I am saving up for the eye job, my 4th child can go to community college.
    And thanks for putting me on your B-roll :)

    No lie, my word verification? Supeluvr.

  11. I took your advice about my spam problem. Thanks!

  12. I know the apocalypse is upon us when Suzy Soro enables word verification.

  13. I got rid of my blog roll. You're welcome.

  14. Perfect timing, Mizz Suzy - I just disabled anonymous comments on my wee corner of Blogoplis because I really want to avoid verification...but it may come to that anyway. Sigh. Stupid Spammenters.

    I got one of those e-mails too. Double sigh. As if life doesn't get annoying enough, sometimes...

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  15. OMG, now you have endless spammers? They should have a widget for that, too.

    seething in jealousy,

  16. I have been bombarded with spam. I hate spam. It taste like dog food. Don't ask me how I know.

  17. yeah, yeah... oh yeah!

    [btw, if you wanna read some great posts, visit my new friend, titanium [link in my sidebar]... she's hilarious, just as you are]

  18. So are you gonna have a contest to and make us all give you wacky word verification definitions, too?

    My word is suartlyr. WTF? I can't even play my own game!

  19. WHAT?!?! I'm not in your blogroll, and I totally thought I was. And I might even be closest ER bill answerer #2! Hmphh. I will go check, and then you're really going to feel bad if I have earned that t-shirt. Oh yeah ...

  20. Dammit, Jim! Heidi was the next closest guesser, at $1300. You're welcome.

    Since I fingered it out for you, I think I deserve a t-shirt too.

  21. Hey thanks for the comments, sorry you had trouble leaving it! Why do people ask me to put up my email address? I only want to chat thru the blogsite. I share an email with Hubs, so it could get messy.

    I don't get nearly as much traffic as you do (ha! Your blog, I mean!) but I am getting sick of some "anonymous" comments that make no sense & I have to delete them by hand. Putting off adding the word verification thingy though. May have to if it continues.
    I love coming to your site to laugh & agree with you, thanks!

  22. Hey! I had no idea that I won!! I really do want that shirt!! When did you post the winners and how the hell could I have missed it when I make sure to read you at least every other day! Please tell me it's not to late........

  23. OK people, this is why you need to LINK YOUR EMAILS. I have no way to find Jackie or to even write her because her profile is disabled.

    And her comment, which went to my inbox, had no return email linked.

    So Jackie, email me with an email and we'll go from there, k?

  24. I am the luckiest woman in the world!
    Except that I half to enable word ver too.
    Damn it.

  25. Okay, so I'm not the luckiest OR the most observant!LOL
    Congrat's Jackie!

  26. Thanks Suzy! You made my day.

  27. So am i one of the "everybody bite me!" people? :)

    You responded thru my profile & that is good enough for now. Maybe at some point I will get a separate email from Hubs & then I can post it for all the world to see & use.
    But thanks for persevering to contact me.

  28. Wow, finally admitting your age. Funny, you don't sound 98.

  29. The spammers are really annoying lately, aren't they?

    Comment moderation helps (I have it turned on for posts older than 10 days), but still - seems half the comments I get are spam. What a pain.

  30. For some reason I keep getting Viagra and tips on how to find a Russian bride spam. This has made so confused I've been looking for my penis