Friday, January 08, 2010

It's Everybody Can Bite Me Friday!

There is no recession for the rich:

From on January 2.

Platinum 10ct TDW GIA Certified Diamond Ring (F, VVS2) (Size 6.5) $1,111,111.00

I went back on January 6 to check on the status because you know, I was thinking of buying it and found this:

Today: $999,999.90

Sold out! This product is not in stock.

To me, the funniest part of this listing was that it was at As in items people can't unload or have too many of. And then in 4 days it's gone. And why did they put a zero at the end of the new price instead of a 9? That will keep me up for days.

I don't mean to judge (much) because I love this website. I bought a purse from them once and it came faster than a 15 year old boy having sex for the first time. It trumps EBay because their items are always high end and their return policy (5 days) is reasonable. I don't mean to judge (again) but I love EBay as well.

The important part of this post is that neither company has paid me to talk about them or push their wares. And that is just wrong at every level.

End of chat.


  1. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Thanks for the reminder. I got over EBay because I was in denial. For every beloved set of 12 dessert/appetizer dishes made of crystal, shaped like pineapples, there were 10 completely stupid items like the set of Irish linen dish towels. (To this day I can't believe I bought dish towels online.)

  2. sometimes, when a store reduces a price on something, they will end the new price with a .90 or something. I am pretty sure Target does/did do that.

    So there you go on the price thingy.

    As for it being sold out - they probably had 1 in stock. and when they reduced the price, someone just HAD to buy it.


  3. "Overstock" does not necessarily mean "a lot". It simply means "too many". For that ring, I can see where one would be too many.

  4. It is true....just another time among many I wish I was rich. The recession doesn't apply to the rich for sure. Have a great weekend ...Kori xoxo

  5. there are MANY things we do for free. I won't, however, list them here.

  6. Hey, marked down to 999,999.90? I would have jumped at it myself.

  7. As the mother of a 15-year old I choose to believe 15-year old boys don't have sex. Hence the metaphor not making sense to me.

  8. I'm glad you told me what the important bit was cos I was won....wait....what did Vodka say??? She's givin' shit out for FREE??

  9. I'm glad you told me what the important bit was cos I was won....wait....what did Vodka say??? She's givin' shit out for FREE??

  10. Wow. I wish I had known about this item...

    Now my fingers look so naked...

    I wish I had anywhere near that amount of cash. Maybe one day. Ha!

  11. If I had a million dollars on my finger I'd be afraid someone was going to cut off my finger.

    But since my pinkie isn't a 6.5, or even an 8.5, I don't have much to worry about. :)



  12. So if sex gets you jewelry then what do you have to do for this ring?

  13. Oh and FYI, sex never got me jewlery I'm just saying that's what I've heard.

  14. ROFLMAO, somebody got hosed. That diamond was only 10 ct!

  15. so THAT'S where my ring ended up.

  16. Who buys a ring like that on line??

  17. I no longer allow myself on the big O because 3 hours later I find myself reading reviews of triple-tufted down comforters when I already have a soon-to-be deleted shopping cart full of purses,sheets and wallets. My ebay low was a 3day depression about losing--at the last minute, I think it was rigged -- a holiday-martini themed cotton tablecloth. I just can't invite that kind of stress in my life.