Wednesday, January 20, 2010

L.A. Sign Of The Times #50

The No Limit Honkey?

I have no idea why the owner of this car hasn't moved to Tennessee.

I've posted FIFTY pictures of Los Angeles. Click on the label to see the rest and yes some of them are demented. Mainly all of them.


  1. if that had been a 64 chevy nova, i would wonder how my dad's racecar got to california!

  2. I suddenly feel like saying the pledge.

  3. I might move to America...

  4. Anonymous4:31 AM

    Its the Dukes of Hazzard before they became famous.

  5. What the hell does that even mean?

  6. Das right mama, I said no limit honkey!

    Was there a honk if you love honkies bumper sticker too?

  7. That is one ugly car!

  8. WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN? I'm from the south and don't get it.

  9. At first I thought it said "honey". Too funny!!!

  10. Anonymous1:04 PM

    So how much did you offer the current owner to buy the car? I hope you left a note under the windshield wiper.
    Aloha, MJ

  11. Wow...that car would fit right in here in Redneck Central...

    Shade and Sweetwater,
    K (who also thought it said "honey" at first...)(perhaps an eye exam is in order)

  12. I googled him--he's a professional dumbass. It says so on his site.

  13. Suz - what label to clicketh and see the pics? Feeling a little slow today, sorry

  14. Awesome!

    Moved to Tennessee? That’s easy – there’s no shock value there! (And it’s cold with no In-N-Out Burgers)

    To understand the “Honkey-Mobile” you have to do a little research to get a full glimpse of its origins.

    MISUNDERSTANDINGS: It is NOT a racial term or phrase.

    The stage name “NO LIMIT HONKEY” was created in my predominately black high school in north St. Louis, MO. In the late 90’s No Limit Records was a big deal, and being one a few white guys, I figured I should be a NO LIMIT HONKEY. After graduating HS, I began doing stand up, and used the name that had stuck. Soon, I started working as a stuntman for a nationally syndicated radio program. Because of my willingness to do just about any crazy thing they asked me to do, the name NO LIMIT took a new meaning. (This is why the back window says “Professional Dumbass for Hire” ) Yet, I was still “Honkey”.

    The vehicle, a 1994 Ford Escort, was (and still is) my primary mode of transportation. A week after the 9/11 attacks, the morning show along with Emmis Communications partnered with a auto body shop that specialized in painting race cars. The show surprised me one day by taking my car and painting it like an American Flag! Of course, I had to add my name and website all over it.

    Over the past few years the car has been through a LOT. The body has over 300K miles (4 engines). Touring with it was probably NOT a smart idea, but it did get looks :) I recently had to replace the hood and never got the starts put back on, and the decals are slowly cracking. But, this is my silly car that still gets me from A to B (and hopefully for a long while).

    Love the post! If you see me out and about, give me a honk – unless I’m roadside.

    Scope out the clips of my car on MTV, Dr. Phil, and others on YouTube.

  15. Honkey! You're already making a splash in Hollywood! haha That is great! My only story I have to tell about your car is the time I came to pick you up from the airport and my Sunfire completely died! Then we got it started and went to pick up your car and you let me drive it. Sitting at a red light, I've never gotten so many stares in my entire life! haha...The Honkey Mobile rocks!! xo

  16. Anonymous8:37 AM

    I think someone needs to offer him a brand new CAR. ;-)

  17. Anonymous9:40 AM

    honkey is famous

  18. That puppy is wrapped in a patriotic condom. Thankfully it won't reproduce.