Monday, August 24, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ballgame. Stick A Fork In My Eye. Buy Me Some Peanuts And Crack Cocaine. Then I'll Really Be Glad That I Came.

From our seats behind home plate. The Dodgers lost 3-1 to the Cubs. Two Cubs fans were right behind us and screamed every time their team so much as scratched their balls. So you can imagine the noise level. Below is Dodger Manny Ramirez at bat and not having a great game since he's now off steroids because the genius got caught using them.

Look at the pitcher's body. I'd like to ask his wife if he's good in bed because if he's not there's no excuse since he can go down that far.

Mom pretending to watch and understand the game. I explained it 47 times and each time she would nod as if she understood and then I'd ask her if she was following and she'd say "Not really." She finally said she thought football was easier to understand. I gave up at that point because I KNOW SHE WAS LYING.

My father and every man I've seriously dated spent hours of their life glued to a football game. Instead of doing something interesting, like washing the dishes or doing laundry.
While the Kiss Cam went around the stadium, it landed on one of the Dodgers, who did not kiss the woman he was with.


The Kiss Cam eventually made its way back to them and he got down on one knee. You can see the She Said Yes sign behind #58.
Yoshi in Dodger Blue and not happy about it since he's a Yankees fan like me.
End of chat.


  1. Great pictures! Sorry Suzy but your Mom is a liar...Baseball is so much easier to understand than Football! WTF is a first clue..Football is only good to watch the cuties in tight pants and even that is a stretch!

  2. Well, I happen to love baseball, but I hate the Cubs (I'm A Cards fan- they are rivals). I enjoyed your photos and especially the pup at the end!

    *I love football too, but it is nowhere near as easy to understand- you're right- your Mom is a liar.

  3. Wow, my first baseball game ever. HOW cool and totally cool you took your mama. I never would have taken you for a sports fan for some reason..except the runway sports ;-)

  4. CUBBIES!!!


    (leaving now)

  5. Anonymous1:39 PM


  6. I'm going to embarrass myself big-time. Padres all the way!

  7. LOVE the lyrics. Seventh inning stretch will never sound the same to me - or the others around me!

  8. Did anyone score any touchdown's??

  9. crap I forgot to mention the new ditty up top too..I have sometimers.. so thumbs up on that...

    Vodka Mom yes they did the Saints won ;-)

  10. Go Cubbies! I'm surprised they pulled off the win since Marmol sucks.

  11. what? no slo-pitch? ;) lol

  12. I like baseball. And I think your mom is tripping.

    Just saying.

    Baseball ROCKS over football and is way easier. Yoshi knows that too. A dog is never gonna pick hard over easy!

  13. Suz I knew we were soul mates...I too am a Yankee fan. Kahuna is a Dodger fan. Sometimes life ain't too grand in Mudville.

  14. Oh my God...Cubs fans are the absolute worse!!! That ought to get your Cubs readers all worked up...hahaha

    I am a Cardinals fan, so I must diss the Cubs when I can.

    Love baseball. :)



  15. Okay, I just have one question. What DOES your mother enjoy?

  16. I was all blah blah blah because I hate baseball then I saw Yoshi. I miss my Shih tzu. His name was Edward.

  17. Not a big baseball fan here... but the peanuts are good.