Saturday, August 15, 2009

Count Down To Blast Off

I haven't been reading blogs or commenting that much. There are many things going on right now, some of them unpleasant. This morning at 7:20 a.m. our side of the building was blasted out of a sound sleep by dogs shrieking in our building. This has been going on for months. The emotional stress makes it hard to concentrate and write. What should take me two hours takes me a hundred and twenty. I have finally reached Def-Con 1 with the assholes doing this. ALSO.

There is a baby upstairs. I was worried he would cry all day and ruin my life. His cries are barely audible over the cacophony of 8 dogs in 6 apartments in a 21 unit building with 4 vacancies. In a building with a courtyard that echoes. The owners of these Cujos have made our lives miserable and we're in the middle of trying to restore sanity via the long arm of the law. ALSO.

Only 2 and a half more weeks until my mother goes back to France. She has been living with my sister in a 850 square foot apartment for 3 months.

My sister has lost the will to live.

My mother has not been doing much better. Both of them are trying to kill me with a disease called Talking Behind The Other One's Back. Which I engage in for fear of being left out of the loop.

I lived in NY, Lindy lived in LA, Dad lived in Florida and Mom lived in Paris. You will not find 4 more independent people anywhere, except in Heaven, where my father is. We were all so afraid of missing out on the various wonders of the world that we, among us, have been around the world twice. We would miss out on holidays if we had an opportunity to travel. We never thought Christmas or Thanksgiving was important because we never believed in obligatory get-togethers manufactured by malls and TV commercials. We don't own any Totes.

If we saw something another would like, we would buy it and give it to them whatever time of year it was. That's how my mother ended up with some rather unfortunate silk pillows with elephants on them that I bought in Hong Kong, gave to my sister in LA, who three years later gave them to my mother in Paris who waited 7 years and gave them back to me in New York. ALSO.

I won a contest chez Kyddryn and received this matted and framed photo she took. I can't do it justice with my little camera but the colors match my living room, which I thought was amazing luck. ALSO.

I am part Russian, from Ukraine. Watch this youtube from Ukraine's Got Talent!

The girl is uber beautiful and what she does is amazing. Ukraine's Got Talent Yo! I'd laugh at that but my entire family in Russia (except for my grandfather) died in the Gulags so laughing is kinda out. ALSO.

All these 2009 deaths continue unabated. WHAT THE FUCK?

ALSO. End of chat.


  1. Way too many dogs!

    And that video clip is amazing! The hell with Pixar!!!

  2. ALSO sometimes people die from a fucking wasp sting.

    ALSO my faux warts are gone.

    ALSO you look tiny compared to Dan.

  3. Do you have a dog? If not, may I suggest you get the halo out of there and live somewhere that doesn't allow dogs? Ah, if life were that easy, right? :)

  4. The talking behind the back disease in my family was only cured when both my mother and sister died. That dialed down the drama considerably.

    That video is incredible.

  5. Also...I'm off to watch the video~~

  6. Wow, that art form is beautiful and amazing.
    Hey, speaking of mothers, when E called tonight from my mothers she whispered in the phone "grandma's a little annoying." She's stuck there until I pick her up on Monday!

  7. What happened to Bite Me this week? And you are still linked! Yay!

  8. Suzy if I had to live my sister in an 850 sq foot apartment for 3 months I'd drink drano or stick a knittin needle up my nose and scramble my brains. Oh wait it's your mother living with your sister that is different so long as YOU don't have to.


    Why are the dogs barking? Do their owners not take them to doggie daycare?

    I never talk about people behind their back only in front of their back.

  9. Jeez, I'd go crazy too!

    I used to be kept up at night by a cricket that sat right outside my window and constantly chirped.

    I thought of various scenarios on how I could kill it. . . I never did though. Lol.

    I just suffered.

  10. And the video? AMAZING!

    That is the coolest thing I've ever seen!

  11. Who died? What did I miss? I spent the day in the ER today with my partner and needless to say, we missed the news. Too busy worrying about bodily functions (sadly, not just my partner's, but the patient in the room next door who she shared a bathroom with. And the patient next door's grand larceny accusation.

    How many did I miss? Is there another tri-fecta?

  12. I'd loan you Dog to scare the other dogs into silence - yes, he's THAT big - but he doesn't like loud noises either.

    Amazing video!

  13. Youch! Somebody do something about that barking!

    You had me giggling with this post, sister.

  14. I love a crazy "my relatives are driving me crazy" rant in the morning.

    It's like a little pick me up. Now where's my coffee??

  15. Love that you guys pass gifts around amongst yourselves. I wonder if the dogs are getting proper care; or, are they all pups and have separation anxiety. Surely you could complain to the super.

    Today am announcing a FUN giveaway thingie on my post which will begin next Monday... come visit and see what I'm talking about!

  16. Anonymous11:22 AM

    More about the gulags, please? I thought you were French/American.
    PS I cannot resist commenting that the word verification for me today is dumbr. Coincidence? I think not.