Monday, January 05, 2009

Is Blogging Dead Or Am I?

"Blogs to me are really dated already. In 15 years, they'll be like Crystal Pepsi."

~Bradford Cox, frontman of The Deerhunter.

Considering I've never heard of Cox, The Deerhunter or Crystal Pepsi, I'm assuming I'm the one who's dated.

Two years and three months ago, when I started blogging, my thought was to just create good, funny writing. Many of my first readers were shocked that I rewrote every post a minimum of 8-10 times. First for content and time line, then interest value, then gramatically and after all that was in place, to punch up, which easily took three passes. Having written sitcoms and screenplays, I was aware of how much rewriting took place, with the final say dictated by a studio stooge or the star of the show, which is why so many movies go straight to video and why so many sitcoms suck. I did NOT want to go straight to video, although it pays more than blogging.

I did not post every day. I posted when I felt the piece was 'done.' And I'd like to believe that's how I got hired for other writing jobs. Now I'm posting pictures of gifts I got for Xmas. Or hundreds of pictures of my feet pre and post-op. Or my sister's dog. The only thing I'll be hired for now is to create the Jumbles for the local newspaper.

Some say Twitter killed blogs and cut down on readership except for the biggest blogs out there. Some say Facebook did. Some say they got bored blogging. A lot of bloggers have quit in the past year although I'm sure just as many started up. The beginning is a rush, you think your writing will CHANGE THE WORLD or at the very least, get you a book deal. How long it takes us to figure out it's verbal diarrhea is our gift to the Internet.

What makes you keep reading someone's blog?

A. Guilt; they read me.

B. Similar interests.

C. They're funny.

D. I'm a Mommy, she's a Mommy, wouldn't you want to be a Mommy too?

E. Their life is more interesting than mine.

What makes you stop reading a blog?

A. They don't post enough.

B. Like Oprah talking about her weight, they repeat the same topic over and over.

C. They swear and I'm Jesus's best friend.

D. It's a Mommy blog and that's all they ever talk about.

E. Their life is less interestng than mine.

My answers PART ONE:

A, C,

My answers PART TWO:

A, B, E

Your turn.

End of survey.


  1. I agree with your A & C on the first question. I'd go with B, D & E. In my experience, most Mommy bloggers are doing this so they can talk about stuff BESIDES their kids--and they generally have some interesting things to say.

    Funny is definitely key.

  2. I read blogs because of either similair interests or they're funny.

    I top reading them because they don't post enough and talk about the same old crap.

    But honestly, please don't feel obliged to read mines because I read yours!

  3. I keep reading the ones that have interesting writing (preferably funny). I'll read less interesting ones because I feel I "know" the person (via e-mail, etc) and it's part of keeping up with what is going on in life. So, essentially, the same reason you stay in touch with friends in real life, right?

    Oh, and someone go tell the Yarn Harlot that blogging is dead, all right? Then she can tell those 7000 people signed up on Google reader to go home.

  4. Part one:

    Part two:

    Nobody's life can be less interesting than mine.

  5. suburban, ***Some say Twitter killed blogs and cut down on readership except for the biggest blogs out there.*** I think you read that sentence too quickly.

  6. Beckie1:33 PM

    I'd have to go with B & C on part one. I don't blog so I don't suffer from A. Although E is part of the reason I love your might not feel very interesting with all your bed rest this past year, but the stories you tell are way more interesting than my life as a single mom.
    As for part 2....I've only ever quit two blogs and it's because both were closed. Although to be fair...I only read about 10-12 and no I'm not taking apps for new ones to read. I'm a little picky like that. You should add an F to part two: F. They don't like Chuckles!!

  7. I'll totally agree with you on your answers.

    FYI - I'm a mommy but don't write about my kid unless she does something really crazy and effed up... that grown ups would appreciate. I know I hate reading those "Isn't motherhood wonderful" blogs, so I write about my booze-induced shenanigans instead. More my kind of convo.

  8. Anonymous1:52 PM

    I am only the "Mommie" of two aging cats. I only read your blog, unless I am researching something else and get directed to a "specialty" blog by Google. (And this happens less than once or twice a month). Or sometimes I'll go to a standup comedy blog. It is eerie that you wrote this piece. I only noticed yesterday that the Honolulu Advertiser, the local newspaper, now has bloggers on the top portion of the Classified section, with their first paragraphs to lure you in. From their photos, I believe none of them is over 20 years old. Yikes!
    Martha Jane

  9. Question 1: B, C and E (I don't have enough followers for A!);
    Question 2: Well, I guess I'd have to say B and E.
    Yikes! I guess I gotta step up my game!

  10. Well, I don't cuss (much ) and Jesus is my best friend ;) and I read alot of people (like you) that are NOT so much like me because I just enjoy people. I find their stories fascinating.
    Especially people that I DON'T share similar interests with.

    I like to think outside the box, and hearing stories from lives more boring than mine (there's only 2) or much more glamorous (3,982) or adventurous,or more intelligent writers....all of it sparks my interest!

    There's something to learn from everyone on the planet!

    I don't want to miss out.

    I've now started a second blog.

    I'm addicted.

  11. I read ya cuz I like ya.

  12. I read blogs because it's cheaper than HBO.

    I keep blogging because I don't want to deprive the world of the useless crap my blog is famous for.

  13. This is a timely post. I've been reviewing my blogging efforts as of late because they mostly suck. I have ben a totally lame poster lately, and when I have the content has been ridiculously predictable. Here's my excuse, or my excuses...

    1. I'm so not exciting.
    2. I told you all the good stuff already
    3. And Facebook is pretty fun
    4. And so is the Wii

    Now as for the survey...
    First question would be A,B and C. Depends on the blog. And I will add also, that I have kind of made friends with some bloggers, and since I am a friend whore... well, see Facebook issue above.

    Second question would be mostly B. That or it gets to contorted to follow in lumpy paragraphs. If you're going to go there, fine, but cut to the chase. And I have to vote for E as well. Although, my life isn't really more interesting than anyone's, I just can't follow some stuff.

    So, there you go.

  14. Part one - B or C, I suppose, although I haven't tried to quantify it; I read what interests me.

    Part Two - A or B, for the most part. Also, poor spelling and grammar are often a drag that will cause me to stop reading or risk developing a twitch. Also, also, I find blogs that are constantly pimping products off-putting.

    Shade and Sweetwater,
    K (who wrote 562 posts last year - what the hell is up with that??)

  15. The answer to your first question - the one at the very top - is "No". I start reading a blog because I like it. I stop reading a blog because I stop liking it ... or I don't have the time to read anything any more.

  16. I've learned something here. And Suzy, I read you because you're funny as shit, ( mean that in the best possible way).

  17. Most blogs I read out of guilt because they read me. I stop reading many blogs because of B...most people go on about their same tedious syndromes over and over.

    That said, blogging is an addiction and until i find something to replace it i'm gonna keep on trucking

  18. Oh crap, I just posted pics of the kids. They are funny pics though, at least I think so. Seriously, a lot of thought went into it.
    1)A,B,C and E
    2)B, and I'll add if they stop visiting me for a long time.

  19. Part one is the same as you, but part two is if they BORE me.

  20. B & C, B & D. i don't read anything outta guilt. If I like it, I read it. I like yours cos they're brief and funny, and as far as "because they read mine," well...sometimes. Because in a r/ship, there's gotta be some reciprocation, no?

  21. I don't blame Twitter - there have always been big blogs and not big ones. The blogosphere has solidified somewhat, if you will - before there were big blogs, it was maybe easier for a small blog to go supernova, as it were. And many of the big blogs (my beloved Yarn Harlot being an exception, of course) sound somewhat canned and tired, at this point. Most of them have become self-referential ("Gosh, what can I write today?" or "Such-and-such Company sponsored me and other famous bloggers for a great weekend in Chicago!")

    Hopefully, it is cyclical and other (fresher, more interesting) blogs will rise to the top. There are so many interesting, funny ones out there that put the (current) Dooce to shame!

  22. If a blogger doesn't post often enough - how much is 'not enough'? I only blog twice a week otherwise my head would fall off, and I am also currently in that optimistic re-write-and-edit phase of my blogging career.

    When pictures of funee capshuned kittehs start to appear on my blog every day, you'll know the end is nigh!

  23. I started blogging because I needed some sort of adult forum - the dialogue at work and the dialogue with my four-year-old weren't enough. Blogging has led me to reading all sorts of different blogs, including yours, where I get to read other folks' fun perspectives or get spun off into even more interesting directions. I check out fb and twitter, too, but i mostly enjoy blogs, where you might get a story.

  24. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Part 1-A&C Suz.

    Part 2- B&E

  25. Crystal Pepsi was a really horrible bastard awful idea.

    I remember it, even though I've tried to erase it from my brain.