Thursday, January 08, 2009

What You Said You Wanted In A Blog

The only votes that were counted were the ones who listed letters. I'm guessing the ones who wrote paragraphs are not fans of multiple choice? Or have authority issues? Or just thought my post was stupid? I myself qualify for two of the three so don't feel bad.

What makes you keep reading someone's blog?
A. Guilt; they read me. 23.6%
B. Similar interests. 21%
C. They're funny. 42.1%
D. I'm a Mommy, she's a Mommy, wouldn't you want to be a Mommy too? 0%
E. Their life is more interesting than mine. 13.1%

What makes you stop reading a blog?
A. They don't post enough. 19.2%
B. Like Oprah talking about her weight, they repeat the same topic over and over. 42.3%
C. They swear and I'm Jesus's best friend. 0%
D. It's a Mommy blog and that's all they ever talk about. 11.55%
E. Their life is less interesting than mine. 26.9%

End of results show.


  1. Possibly authority issues.

    Shit. Wait...did I write a paragraph? But it did have letters in it...

  2. Anonymous4:55 AM

    i have the same problem with the skinny cow ice cream...gone in like 4 hours...which makes the whole premise worthless on people like me.

  3. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Sorry I was one of those who didn't answer the multiple choice question. However, if you promise to be a good girl, I will return to the Japanese store near my apartment and purchase a tote bag that says, "Jesus Wants Me to Be Beautiful." It was hard to see the whole thing through the window (store was closed when I went by), but I believe it contains not only a depiction of The Savior, but also some coture.

  4. Thanks for this cunning insight into what drives the machine. It's always well worth keeping up with you! I'm feeling a bit like blogland has turned to blahgland. Don't know why. But I'm just getting bored.

  5. So the key to success is to be consistantly very funny and come up with lots of original material all the time.

    No pressure at all then! ;)