Monday, January 26, 2009

Do Not Let Me Hold Your Martini Glass

Because I'll probably drop it. To add injury to insult, yesterday my right foot was numb but it feels less numb today. I think. After numerous neck exercises I have pinpointed exactly where the pinched nerve is. It's halfway up my neck, on the right. Now I can't stop obsessing about it along with the beginning of Chapter 3 of my memoir over on Scrivel.

And yes, I've sent the package to the agent who requested it.

Ann Abeyta told me Sundance was not only freezing but expensive. After living in LA, that didn't surprise me. A martini STARTS at $7.50 here. So she and Grae go into a bar and in front of them overhear a couple from the Midwest ordering drinks. They were told the drinks were $3.50 each. The couple was shocked that any cocktail could cost that much. So when Ann and Grae got to the bar behind them, they ordered two each. Score!

I went to Costco and was in there 20 minutes, bought 4 items and left. I had carefully remembered where I parked my car and used a red umbrella for a site marker. Imagine my surprise when I walked straight back to it and found another car parked in my space. I had to hike back to the front door and call security. I called my sister during the FIFTEEN MINUTES it took security to find it. She recounted her own Costco Lost Car story. The security guy she got, Manuel, made her get in the front seat with him as he drove around since her car is white and every car in LA is white except mine, which is purple.

She and Manuel are riding slowly along when a Rolls Royce cruises by.

"Linda? Is that YOU?" She looks over and it's her friend, David Niven, Jr., the son of legendary actor David Niven. Mortified, she says "Yes" as if this was a normal, everyday occurrence in her life and Manuel is her husband.

"What are you doing?"
"Looking for my car."
"Well get off that thing and get in mine; I'll help you look."
"No thanks, I'm fine."

And she rode off with Manuel. Humiliated. Although she said it was hard to tell which of the three of them looked more stunned.

End of chat.
David Niven, Jr.


  1. So did you find the car? These things leave me wondering.

  2. Yeah, they found it, right where I said it was, only one section back.

  3. Glad you found your car. Hey I live in Mississippi and they consider martini's "a special drink" they run around 6.00 here and up. But, hey just go hang out at the casino and it's all free... well, almost free :-)

  4. David4:59 PM

    I'm always amused when I find a rolls at costco.

    I guess with the economy everyone needs to save a few bucks.


  5. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Did I tell you that you can put cheap vodka through a PUR filter three times and turn it into Grey Goose? You're lucky you were at Costco. Here, one of my 80 year-old friends had a heart attack at the Ala Moana Mall, survived but hospitalized. He asked my other friend, age 88, to go to the mall to get his car back. Mall security REFUSED to assist an elderly person to find the vehicle w/their cart. He just walked and walked around the whole parking lot, for about 1-1/2 hours until he located the car. Gee, too bad that their owners (General Growth) are having financial problems. (Karma, perhaps?)

  6. I didn't know they had special carts like that at Costco. Of course if there was a Costco anywhere within a 60 mile radious, I might.
    Glad your foot is better.

  7. You're the best storyteller, Suz. And I bet there are only a couple of degrees of separation between you and every famous person in Hollywood!

  8. $7.00 for a martini? When is the last time you went out? They are $10.00 or more everywhere in LA. The beers at Sundance were also delicious, it's all micro-brew there.