Friday, January 16, 2009


Blogtations quoted one of the favorite lines that I've ever written. So clearly they are geniuses. Click on the link to see which line of mine they quoted.

Thanks Restasis!** I mean Blogtations.

End of chat.

**That Restasis quote is so obscure that whoever remembers the celebrity who said it in the first commercial I'll send a comedy CD from my collection. Since I haven't yet sent out the two past winners, but they're packed and ready to go, it'll be in the mail éventuellement comme on dit en Français.*

*I hope I spelled that right, Mom, I'm on 3 Benadryl because of the Santa Anas and the Frog to English dictionary is too heavy to lift.


  1. The pilot from Northern Exposure with the wicked cute short hair?

  2. ding ding ding it is Janine Turner.

    If people ever want to know the names of peole on shows, go to and put in the TV show, movie etc.

  3. I have no idea and I feel so isolated...

  4. I would be sound asleep on Benedryl. Hope you feel better Thank you for following along my lil world. :-)

  5. I'm ready to trade eventually for eventuellement.

  6. Very happy to quote you!

    And Janine Turner, eh? Loved her in Northern Exposure. Great show.