Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Cool Cars Of Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica: It's all about the designer sunglasses you wear, the private schools your kids go to and how tight your jeans are. And if you don't have the black Birkin bag? Tragedy! But this is the land of the upper middle class, the rich and the very wealthy.They have stuff. LOTS of expensive stuff. Including cars.

Over Super Bowl weekend I saw these beauties standing silent on the street, waiting for instructions.

A truck from the 60's? The inside is black leather and when's the last time you saw white walls? I have no idea what that silver tank-like item is that hugs the back window. I hope it's not a nuclear bomb. I've often loitered beside the truck, hoping the owner would come out and tell me to stop breathing on it, but alas, no such luck.

I'd be scared of these people if I didn't seriously think they owned the Hello Kitty franchise.

The license plate reads MPATHY. Something no one has for a person who drives a Mercedes for the love of God. I only noticed this car because it's the same color as my 1998 Ford Contour. I was so ahead of the color curve. And way behind the Mercedes curve.

This car is sitting on Adelaide, long considered one of the wealthiest streets in all of Santa Monica. It's around the corner from my sister's building, on a one way street that is mostly used by runners, dog walkers and the people who live there. It's peaceful, quiet and has spectacular views. The houses are all architecturally different, old but fabulous and overlooking the Pacific Ocean. But how this station wagon got here tells me someone is either A. Very old   B. Very, very old.  C. Visiting from 1982.

Some of the homes on Adelaide:

The house below was so big I couldn't get it into one shot.

You can see my sister Lindy's building off to the right below.

 When the recession was in full swing, about two years ago, a family on Adelaide lost their home. They moved into a van and parked on isolated streets at night. It was the talk of the neighborhood because, ON ADELAIDE??

These are all Old Money homes. There are grander, newer homes in Brentwood or Beverly Hills but it's all Nouveau Money and you know how much we hate Nouveau Money. Although I could use some Nouveau Money right about now. Don't hate me, have MPATHY for my bank account.


  1. One of the Denver Broncos got arrested last night here in Denver for DUI. The license plate on his freakin' Bentley said "SAUCED."

  2. A house is not a home...sorry Burt.

    Nice pics Suzy. I'm with you on the nouveau money. I'd even take some oldveau cash.

  3. But you have a sister that almost lives on Adelaide.

  4. I wonder if a)the owner doesn't know what empathy means - thinking it means envy or something b) it doesn't mean empathy and the owner is a muscular, neuro, or myo- pathologist or something

    Anyway that station wagon rocks. That is so Chevy Chase Vacation awkward family in the nice neighborhood awesome.

  5. I don't care if money is new or old. My bills can be crisp or old and tattered. They still spend.

    Janie Junebug

  6. The houses remind me a bit of Pasadena. Now that is some serious Old Money.

  7. I'd so much rather have an old house with history and charm than a mansion with nothing but glitz. My daughter laughed at the Hello Kitty car. Her nickname's Kitty...and yes, she loves that cat! Those places are just fantabulous!

  8. Anonymous11:46 PM

    I just received an open invitation to Santa Monica this very morning from an old friend who is married to a producer.
    If and when I go, I am calling you. Simply meet me on the beach, I'll be the little pastie guy wearing your tee shirt.
    X David

  9. Lovely homes and cool cars.. I like the grocery getter too...! I need to post pops oldies. He use to have the old chevy pick up but it was a 53'

  10. chuckle chuckle.

    Love your last two lines.

    I like that station wagon and it must be a collector...impeccable shape.

  11. I just stumbled across your blog. Love that Hello Kitty Car.

  12. I have a battered old Ford parentmobile with more stains than upholstery. The plate reads 'SYMPATHY'.

  13. holy crap!

    lindy OWNS that apartment building?

    wow... talk about rich!

    can i have her phone number? :P lol

  14. The people of Santa Monica sure have an interesting taste in vehicles. And they clearly love classics! The ‘60s truck was one that caught my attention. Despite the age, the vehicle looks good as new. I have to comment the owner for maintaining this vehicle properly.

  15. I noticed that cars are one of the passions (and fashion) of the residents of Santa Monica. And they have a unique sense of style, even for their vehicles. The Hello Kitty car is kinda out of place from the examples given above, but it is a very interesting contrast to the vintage classics. Imagine driving this vehicle on the street. I’m sure people will give it a second look!

  16. The Hello Kitty car looks absolutely adorable! Those designs are a sure hit among the ladies. Also, that Mercedes is absolutely jaw-dropping. It’s so sleek, sexy, and classy! :)