Saturday, October 22, 2011

Suzy And Neal Mayhem, Sitting In A Tree

If you missed the live broadcast of Minutes of Mayhem from the U.K. on Friday October 21, then you missed my interview. So here it is, I come in at the final half hour because you always save the best for last. Or because that's all the time you have left.

Look how cute Neal is:

I met Neal on Twitter, when he made a particularly brilliant joke on the day Steve Jobs died. "More Jobs lost on Obama's watch" was the tweet and some of his fans thought it was "too soon." If you're a comedian or a joke writer on in any aspect of the comedy business, you know there's no such thing as too soon in comedy. Funny is funny.

So I tweeted him that I thought it was hilarious and we began a conversation that culminated on me being on his show, where we discussed Astroglide, the Rapture and Michael Richards being a dick. From the moment we first spoke on DM's to the show? Two weeks.

The power of Twitter.


  1. You couldn't be more right about the power of twitter.

    When I think of the people I count on to lift me up on the days I need it, They're on twitter.

    Off to listen to you.

    I remember talking to you on the phone, Suzy..and you are SO FUNNY off the cuff.

    So funny..

  2. Thanks to the power of Twitter I got to listen live. I was a fan of the threesome joke. Also? Social Q in the New York Times this weeks mentions that the marble rye lady from Seinfeld just died at 92. Spooky coincidence.

  3. Neal is quite the cutie. Any plans to hook up? I think the Jobs tweet is funny. It's almost impossible to offend me.


  4. Oh, HERE is the comment form. Great job. He ADORES you.

  5. You were so funny! We have so much in common, I hate Ryan Seacrest and I'm lazy too!

  6. I can't wait to listen to this, but I still won't be satisfied until I've seen you live.

  7. Great to hear your voice. You have a great voice!

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