Monday, October 10, 2011

First, Do No Harm

That's part of a doctor's oath, to First, do no harm. I only wish lawyers, teachers, mechanics, dear God especially mechanics, Congress, wedding ceremonies and all contracts began with that simple phrase.

People might think before they act.

Which brings me to where I now live:

This picture is the western sunset captured off my balcony. In my other apartment, I had no view. One side of it looked out on the building's swimming pool and the other side overlooked a big Hollywood Hills street, Gower. Gower reaches up into the hills on its way to the Hollywood sign and winds crazily around homes and yards. But when it passed the back of my old building, it carried only cars or ambulances and during the summer, many, many tour buses. Many.

The street is so noisy that many people complained they couldn't sleep. One girl never got used to the noise and slept in her living room. She now lives elsewhere.

So now I'm in an apartment with a spectacular view. This is the southern scene from my living room window. Far in the distance I can see the red blinking lights of the LAX towers and planes coming in for a landing.

On some nights I'm lucky enough to catch the full moon.

Had my old landlords been required to put First, do no harm in their lease, I would not be in this new building. A better building, with a laundry and trash chute on each floor, an elevator and security underground parking. I would not have a built-in air conditioner or all new appliances. When I stand by my refrigerator I look down on a rooftop swallowed by pink Bougainvillea and cypress trees crawling with purple Morning Glory.

And the best part of this entire story? MY OLD LANDLORDS HAVE 3 VACANCIES IN MY OLD BUILDING AND CAN'T RENT THEM. Having not noticed that every Hollywood neighborhood was littered with For Rent signs, they jacked the rents of their pitiful one bedrooms to over $1300. One has been vacant since June 1, mine has been vacant since July 1 and another since September 1.

It's called Karma.

When your intention in life is to purposefully harm another, karma will visit you.



  1. Nya nya nya to your old landlords.

  2. i hope you emailed a link to this post to your former landlords. :)

  3. You should take a picture of your next rent check and send it to them.

  4. Fuckin' assholes still think they can get away with murder in this economy. Fie on thee former landlords.


  5. Karma?

    Karma has been very very good to me.

    So happy this worked out better than better.

    That is a view, and a view is important at the end of the day..beginning of one, too.

    Happy for you, Suzy.

  6. Suck it, old landlords.

  7. -->Karma is a bitch that I love so dearly. Living well is the best revenge. So is winning the lottery but not because I know first hand.

  8. grats, suzy!

    nothing like moving to better digs :)

  9. And you were so fighting the move

  10. "I know how we can get more business, let's raise our price!"

  11. Glad you got out of that creepy place.

  12. ah my dear friend Karma.

    I adore her.

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