Tuesday, May 17, 2011

L.A. Sign Of The Times #79

Local morning anchor and funny woman Jillian Reynolds.

I pinched this off her twitter account and asked permission to post it and got no answer back. So it's like when you were in high school and asked your parents for twenty dollars and they didn't answer becauseyouwerewhisperingitupstairsintoyourpillow so you just went ahead and took it out of their wallets.

After they'd gone to bed.


  1. Does it really say that?
    I'm glad you stole it!

  2. Bobbi, Jillian is MASSIVELY popular here in LA. Their whole news team is certifiable, really out there. And people get obsessed with Jill because of her clothes and shoes.

    I'm not sure who took the picture because one of her fans may have taken it and sent to her.

    (Their show is more gossip than news. Thankfully.)

  3. I don't even know what to make of this. Honest to God...I'm so confused lately about what is happening on the Coasts, even though I actually live on one of them.

  4. The modern equivalent is asking your mom after she's had her Ambien--my kids can't do it because I don't take Ambien, but I know from friends this happens!

  5. No answer is an answer.

    You showed due diligence.

    Done right...again, Ms. Suzy Soro.


  6. You should be up on a billboard - what is that city coming to?

  7. (who is now Chandler In Las Vegas again but can't fix the screwy sign in thingee) It is totally ironic that Rupert Murdoch Inc. funds so much anti-gay hate that is funded by gays and gay allies who provide profits to the Fox news and entertainment divisions.

  8. seeing her first, thought sign said: good lay... go figger