Monday, December 10, 2007

The First Pet Of Christmas

I want to thank everyone who entered. As I said last week, having looked over other blog contests, this one required not only creativity but in some cases, a lot of work. So I really appreciate it because I know how high busy you all are.

All these photos are being posted anonymously and if there was an email enclosed with the submissions, I've edited it and included it under the photo. Keep in mind that the lucky winner gets a Maserati and second place gets round trip airfare to my bank account.

Check back every day for the next 11 days to see the rest of the finalists.

The first Pet of Christmas comes all the way from Australia.
If an Italian Greyhound could say 'fuck off' he would have.


  1. your blog is very good

  2. OOOH poor little cute doggie! He reminds me of the Grinches dog. What a good dog for wearing those antlers.

  3. "...second place gets to sleep with Brangelina; just pick a side." Funny!

  4. Can I pick the middle if I get second?

  5. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Is that my beloved Prinny's crazy-assed dog?


  6. heh Yes, that's my first child, Pointy McBeal. What a good, patient highly strung, coffee addicted baby!!!

    Prinn xxxx

  7. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Okay, so he's an ITALIAN greyhoud. This means he would say "va fungool," which means
    "go fuck yourself" in Italian.
    Martha Jane

  8. He looks like he desperately wants to urinate on the floor in a fit of rage

  9. Douglas, thanks. How's Brazil this time of year?

    gm, all dogs are cute, I think.

    anne and jami, thank you and yes.

    Abeyta, yes to you too.

    Prinny thinks she gave birth to that dog. Who's going to argue with one half of Miss Itchy? NO ONE.

    MJ and eileen, yes and yes.

  10. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Oh, the poor baby!

  11. What a cute little Dog.. I can't wait to see all of the 12 pets of Christmas pictures.

  12. My vote goes for Pointy McBeal the Aussie Christmas Wallaby.

    Chandler now in Las Vegas