Monday, November 17, 2008

The Year Of The Woman 2008

1. Ali Vincent wins The Biggest Loser after 4 seasons of male winners.

2. The first woman tries to run for the White House.

3. The first woman in 24 years runs for Vice-President.

4. Dr. Rachel Maddow, a self-titled "butch lesbian" averaged a higher rating of the 25-54 much sought after demographic in the first 13 out of 25 days of her MSNBC TV show, beating CNN's Larry King for the first time.

5. Ann Dunwoody becomes the first 4 star Army general in U.S history. (took her 33 years)

Jews support Jews, gays support gays, white men support white men, blacks support blacks, Latinos support Latinos. So I support women and will die trying. I don't care about ANYONE'S politics because ultimately, it all ends up being the same politics plus or minus a filibuster or two. I wish I had been a fly on the wall when the CIA briefed Obama on what is really going on in the world.

But I wish Obama the best and will support him as one of his first acts is taking on a serious U.S. problem, The Baggy Pants Law in Florida.

Before the Internet, when bloggers and websites reported that Palin had her daughter's baby and a gay friend claimed Palin's son is gay and circulated a picture of him blowing another guy. (It was so out of focus and obviously photo shopped I'm pretty sure it was Cheney going down on Bush.) And other sites reported Obama wouldn't pledge allegiance to the flag and was a friend to terrorists. Even TV was recently caught up in the Palin hoax re Africa.Really shameful behavior for America, the stupidest and most violent country in the world. Due diligence has been replaced by Perez Hilton. The irony is that for all the mudslinging, Obama and Palin each became superstars.

When Prop. 8 (legalize gay marriage)was defeated here we were all shocked. But I had to wonder, I was asked to pass that blow job photo to as many people as possible. I didn't, obviously. Did other gay people send out the same hateful and erroneous email? Did people believe it? Did they forward it?

Because karma IS a bitch.

End of chat.


  1. Beckie7:13 AM

    You left out Stephanie being the first female to win Top Chef in four seasons! Or maybe you don't watch that show?

  2. I dont watch Top Chef. And didnt some woman win a grand prix or maybe that was last year?

  3. It's not that women don't back women. It's that the generations born after us (and part of my own, I guess) take for granted the (almost) equal footing we have with the menfolk in today's society.

    Don't start yelling at me. I know about the pay gap and the political double standard, all right?

    But I'll bet you that the next woman to run for high office won't even provoke a controversy (due to gender, anyway). Hillary and Sarah have broken down the wall (and suffered for it). It's over, and we've won - all of us.

  4. Sexism is the issue, not equal footing. Women have not won and I predict there will never be a female President in our lifetime. But I keep fighting and will die knowing that I AT LEAST TRIED.

    I think the problem is that women are not as ambitious as men and always want to make nice. That really only gets you a job working for a man. Politics is ruthless and most wmen don't have the balls for it.I sat next to a former politician from British Columbia coming out of Vancouver and she said it's a nightmare. She's now in radio!

  5. Suzy, circulating in the Spanish channels was a commercial that showed a little girl coming home with a fairy tale called "The Prince and the Prince". The little girl says "mommy! this means I too can marry a princess"
    Fear, that is how they got Hispanics to vote against Prop 8. How disgusting politics can be!

    I first saw the commercial while watching TV with my mom who said they had been showing it for quite some time.

  6. Bee, they played them here too. So shameful to use kids like that.

  7. I watch Rachel Maddow all the time--somehow I missed the butch Lesbian thing-not that it would have made a difference.

    Lucky for me I also missed the blow job e-mail.

    I sure do hope Hillary Clinton is our next Secretary of State.

  8. Anonymous10:26 AM

    I think one of the things that is very obvious to anyone who watches TV or movies is that there are few women, let alone any women over 40 who don't have an Academy Award. It's men, men, men -- "The Dirty Dozen" again and again and again. In other parts of society, women are presidents of banks, heads of corporations and are clawing their way up to financial equality, but show business -- fa-get-about-it.
    With aloha (and some biterness),
    Martha Jane