Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Manorexic President


I actually felt sorry for each presidential hopeful by the end of the campaign. They had a lot to deal with no matter who was declared the winner. And none of the issues are easily solved, some not even possible in a few years, like health care and the two wars.

My biggest concern has always been terrorism. We've only had one president since 9/11 so we don't know how terrorists will view a new one. There were no attacks during Clinton. Do terrorists only hate a Republican President? A Washington Insider reminded me recently that the real reason for 9/11 was to ultimately bring the US to its financial knees. We're there now. How will a new President jump start our economy? Can he force us to shop more and take trips and vacations? How is a new President going to force companies to rehire people or not foreclose on a house? Is a new President going to stave off the recession that is already here?

And for those of you women who were teenagers during the last time we had a woman on the ticket, 1984, when McLoserstene was only 5 years old, (!!!) you may have just witnessed the last time in your life this phenomenon will occur. The next one might find a lot of women divorced, widowed or deceased. Palin's greatest contribution, which most women who either are SAHM's or have a husband's paycheck to help them may not have come across in their lives, is that her campaign revealed that the treatment by the press was sexist. But eventually stopped. And every woman out there needs to be grateful for that, even if you're too young or naive to realize it. I admire her for not whining about it. Unlike me.

Here's my favorite quote from the campaign:

"The irony here is that, in no small way, Obama made Palin possible. The celebrity status of politicians is nothing new, but Obama took it to another level. He created an atmosphere where a paper-thin resume was no longer seen as an obstacle to success, but an asset. He built his campaign around a promise of change that even his adherents will grudgingly admit was more atmospheric than substantive." ~ New York Magazine, 10/09

Over 20 years ago, women started naming their children with monikers that didn't point out their gender. Now they've gone back to olde tyme names. I hope this isn't portentious.

My memoir over at scrivel continues and the bad sex is coming up! And over at Uproarious I'm giving tips on what NOT to say on your blogs if you want to be considered funny.

End of chat.


  1. Anonymous2:56 PM

    I realize I live in Hawaii, where Obama was born, but I've never experienced anything like it. As I was watching my TV and the "breaking news" thing came on and all the networks announced that Obama had won, you could hear cheers coming from the hotels down the street. People just went out on to their lanais and were cheering. Cars started honking their horns. I, too, would like to see a woman in the White House, but it's like when Nixon resigned. The long national nightmare is over. We can only hope.
    Martha Jane

  2. A very thoughtful post. I agree. WTF is Obby going to do that hasn’t already been done? Yet, isn’t it a tragedy that with all the talent and resources the BEST America can produce for President is a McCain/Palin ticket and an Obama/Biden ticket? Let’s be thankful we didn’t elect another relative of some former President. With 300 mil people from which to choose, that’s it?

    I’m not so optimistic about change, but in some small way there was a fundamental change having to do - not with war – not with recession – not with bad mortgages, but with race. Okay, I can hang. The guy technically is half black, buy the way, and mostly Hawaiian.

    Do I feel overwhelmed to see Oprah and Jessie Jackson crying tears of joy? Fork no. I am crying tears of joy it isn’t another four years of Bush. That little weasel drove me nuts.

    …But where are the gals in this equation? Sucking hind tit again.

  3. Anonymous4:29 PM

    cross my fingers...that's all I can do- let's see whether all this hope and change he's been yacking about is for real.

  4. Actually, the first World Trade Center bombing was under Clinton's watch as was the attack on the USS Cole and the Embassy in Kenya.

    It's also well documented that they offered to extradite Bin Laden to the US but Clinton said no. All water under the bridge, of course, but still worth noting.

    I believed Biden when he said there would be a terrorist attack during the first few months of an Obama administration. Now we'll just have to see how he reacts when it happens. Hopefully it won't deal a death blow to our already fragile economy.

  5. I know you're disappointed that you'll have to settle with a woman being in third position instead of second but don't write off the prospects of a vagina in the White House just yet. Part of Obama's success was due to the overwhelming number of new registered Democrats, many of whom participated in the election process because of Hillary. This campaign proved that minorities can be viable candidates and I bet we'll see a lot more in future races. In fact, my dad said he hopes Obama lives up to his hype and then is succeeded in 8 years by his wife. I'm exhilarated today because I believe what I never would have believed four years ago: that ANYBODY (including a black woman) could be president in my lifetime.

  6. I did do the count on Obama's transition team. 7 men & 6 women. Nothing is going to rain on my parade today.

  7. We need to stop outsourcing our fuckin' jobs.

    When I call an insurance company to find out why they haven't paid a bill, I get customer service reps I can barely understand and they get frustrated at ME! I have to say, send me back to the US MOFOs. And they do. People should do that all the time. Tell them you want to speak to someone named Brenda not Jamir. Sorry, but I'm sick of all the lay-offs around me.

  8. Susanne-NC4:02 AM

    Great post1 In addition to the 1993 attack on the WTC, there was also the attack on the USS Cole - again Clinton did NOTHING!
    Hopefully the Manorexic and his sidekick Biden, also known as help-me-my-eyes-are-permanently-suprised-due-to-bad-plastic-surgery, will do an acceptable job. I still think a woman could go in there and kick some ass!

  9. I was in 10th grade in 1984 and was more worried about not getting caught smoking in the girls room than who was running for president.
    I am more hopeful now about the future than before the election. No one has to force me to shop!

  10. Hey, Obama came out of nowhere . . . who says a female candidate won't do the same thing in our lifetime? And maybe she'll be lucky enough to do it when we're NOT in the middle of an economic shithole.

  11. Great comments!

    - as for terrorists, but everybody forgot the biggest terrorist act on US soil until 9/11 - The Oklahoma City bombing - April 19, 1995