Thursday, July 03, 2008


I've been hired by a comedy website to blog for them twice a week. The blog hasn't launched yet but it's coming verrrrrrrrrrrry soon. They sell CD's of the hottest comics and I'll be reviewing them and telling you other things about what's going on in standup comedy. Since people ask me about standup all the time, I might as well get paid to answer. They've given me free reign to talk about it as I see it so who thinks I won't last more than a month?

I'll really be looking forward to your comments because I know a lot of you are comedy fans. I'll also take questions about comics who aren't on the website, comics you like and comics you love to hate. Hello Dane Cook Is The Antichrist fans!

If you love people like John Pinette, Alonzo Bodden, Brian Regan, Margaret Cho, Kathleen Madigan, Pablo Francisco, John Heffron or Bobby Collins, among others, check out my new blog.

End of chat.


  1. Anonymous11:29 AM

    You need to add to your list:
    Jimmy Shubert;
    Dan Barton;
    Kehau Lee Jackson (Hawaiian comic now living in Australia);
    And there are more fabulous comics I will remember, but I haven't had coffee yet (remember the time change).
    Glad you're finally being recognized for your opinion by more than those of us who love your blog.
    Martha Jane

  2. And the URL is???

    I love Dane Cook. I'm pretty sure he loves me too. And as soon as the restraining order expires I'm gonna ask him.

  3. MJ, thanks for the recommendations.

    bex, I'll put up the widget and the url when it launches.

  4. Getting paid for what you do anyway is the best!

  5. Are they going to let you do 10% at a time until you get up to speed or will you have to put all your writing weight on it all at once?

  6. Ah yes, Bossy will be there.

  7. Beckie5:56 PM

    Does Lisa Lampanelli count??

  8. Awww, Suzy, how I missed thee. I've just spent the last three hours catching up on mah blogs. I'm so sorry you're still not mobile yet. Am very happy for you on this new gig because damn do I need some funny in my life right now.
    Can't wait to read!

  9. OOPS! Already faved it! Looking forward to reading and commenting.

  10. pomnot8:10 PM

    That is so cool . . . I'm going to start paying more attention to comedians. I have a new appreciation for the job from your blog. And also for pain and suffering . . .

  11. "hired" - that word just sings, doesn't it?

  12. surcie6:20 AM

    Sounds like a fun gig! Who better to do it than you. (And I do love K. Madigan.)

  13. chandler in lasvegas7:04 AM

    Sorry to see that Kashian ate it last night. Skinny bitches, All they want is skinny bitches. Is Rontowski still alive?

  14. chandler in lasvegas7:08 AM

    Also, does The 4TH of July preempt:

    It's Everyone Can Bite Me Friday! ?

    Next to my Gucci sandals, it is my favorite thing.

  15. surcie8:30 AM

    ps: I'm getting caught up on your blog and just had to say that your Carlin tribute is wonderful. I'm sure he thinks so, too. I bet he's been sitting with God and talking you up.

  16. Oh my had me at John Pinette. His buffet comedy routines crack my sheet right up!

    Brian Regan does the funniest bit on baby names. He's a legend at the forum where I frequent called Baby's Named A Bad, Bad Thing.