Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I Was A Very Bad Girl Today

If you're eating food, finish it before you read this post.

I took the boot off. I just totally freaked out and couldn't take it anymore. Then I tried to get the dead skin off.

There's a sore on the front of the calf bone, which I'm pretty sure is not the medical name for it, that I got when I first was put into the cast. It came from bearing down on the leg while I was on the scooter. By the time I noticed it had eaten through layers of skin and was raw. The rawness is gone but the red mark is still there. After three months. Very comforting.

YES KYDDRYN I'LL DRINK ALL NASTY HERBAL REMEDIES THAT WILL HEAL THE BONES. Because I can't take my usual amount of Advil because it retards bone healing. GREAT.

I left the bandage on my foot because even though I wanted to take it off, turns out I'm a chicken shit. I can look at your gross open wound but the idea of looking at my own is less appealing. Maybe that will change. The bandage is tight but yes Heidi I can feel the tips of my toes. Although at first I couldn't and freaked out until I remembered that I have no feeling in my fingertips. But I could feel them with the palm of my hand. The toes are swollen but I can sorta wiggle them. When the cast came off the foot was numb and not very bendy. I asked the doctor why and he said, "Because you had a cast on for a long time." Gee, why didn't I think of that?

I can't believe all the Bonanza fans out there. Some personal trivia on Little Joe, Michael Landon. My sister auditioned for a Highway to Heaven episode and he was so taken with her that not only did he cast her, he let the camera linger on her STIRRING A PITCHER OF COCKTAILS. Which we all know is so riveting in real life. They became friends and after he died we went to a charity event at his home. His wife looked just like my sister.

End of chat.


  1. MANSCAPE3:28 AM

    Its so good to hear that you're having such an amazing time having a husky on your leg...if only you had some C*** your life would be complete! i love you!

  2. Maybe we could take up a collection and buy you some expensive chocolate delivered by a sexy Brazilian guy. Would that help?

  3. Beckie6:46 AM

    Re: Susskins - if it would help - count my donation in!

  4. I was eating and didn’t get even a little bit grossed out. You’ll have to try harder. ;o)

  5. SO Suzy, what do you have to do next for rehabilitation? How long do you leave the bandages on? You may have said this before but i've forgotten. Its interesting how you and your sisters got into show business. I loved Bonanza. I liked the oldest brother.

  6. Sorry, but you didn't even get close to my gross-out threshold. Even pictures probably wouldn't have come close. I DO hope this little adventure in healing means that you're feeling somewhat better. And Susskins, I'm in on the chocolate if I get to help pick the sexy Brazilian.

  7. That wasn't even a little gross! Cleaning up after a three-year old who...oh, wait, never mind, you probably don't need to know.

    You need some of those Doctor Fish they have in the Japanese spas - they eat all the bacteria, dead skin, and aliens off your feet. Seriously.

    I do hope you have a swift recovery - I get claustrophobic just reading about your seclusion - and I'm agoraphobic!!

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  8. Am I detecting a smidge of an uptick in the postivity?

  9. Anonymous11:48 AM

    I am assuming that the doctors/medical assistants who took the cast off saw the sore and felt it wasn't anything abnormal for that sort of thing. (I am usually suspicious of medical personnel unless I have been seeing them for years and know their weak points.)
    Martha Jane
    P.S. It's still not wrong to go for the Vicodin. You have proved that you can do without it.

  10. thotlady12:34 PM

    I have a story about Little Joe on Bonanza too.

    I have two sisters and when my brother was born (he is the youngest), we begged our parents to let us name guessed it we all wanted to name him Joe after Michael Landon's character on Bonanza. Did my parents let us name him bet your @ss they did...Joseph Jay to be exact. My dad wanted to call him JJ, so we killed two birds with one name, as it were.

    I hope your wounds heal up soon.

  11. You have to work harder to gross me out. I work in health care for people with catastrophic injuries. There is some nasty stuff in the world- although I suspect it pales in comparison to taking care of toddlers and the stuff they excrete.

    I wanted to name my brother Ronald McDonald but my parents wouldn't let me.

  12. At work I live for the nights I get to see something really gross. I could watch you clean your dead skin off, while I ate supper.The sore on your shin will fade but slowly.
    I'm off to check out your new widget!

  13. Just back from post-surgery care of Mom. Did you know oxycontin will snow the CRAP out of a senior citizen? So will Tylenol/Codeine.

    I'm jealous that you have PADDING in your boot.

    My arthritis doc wrote a prescription for a gel that I use to this day over the spot where my spur was scraped off. It needs to be done by a compounding pharmacist, but it is a LIFESAVER.
    It is 10%Ketoprofen/10%Lidocaine.
    I highly recommend it, as soon as your incision is completely healed.

  14. Bossy knew better... she knew not to continue reading... and a few words later she knew it wasn't too late to turn back... and yet... OY!