Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Today Is The Day I Hope I Don't Get Fired

Head over to Uproar Entertainment's new blog, Uproarious, and join me in dissecting and saluting some of the best comedy CDs on the market today.

This week I'll be there today and Friday. I'm taking questions in the comments section and I want to hear what you guys are listening to and watching these days. I mean besides porn.

But leave me a comment anyway so I don't have to ask IS THIS THING ON?


  1. I'd go but I can't find directions on Mapquest. Can you tell me where to go?

  2. jenn, thanks for the comment over there.

    jami, you know I know exactly where you can go.

  3. Woo hoo! You go girl!

    I can't get logged in for some damn reason. I'll try again later when my brain stops hurting.


  4. I left you a question!
    Also, perhaps you could suggest that the passwords they hand out could be simpler. Mine has combo of 12 numbers/letter/symbols, some I had to search for on my key board for a while before I found them.

  5. No kidding on the Klingon password, but it's done! And congrats on your premiere blog post!

  6. Suzy! I have a question for you which I could have e-mailed but I think some of your readers might want to know.

    There we were, at the dreaded hot ass laundromat, me reading Driving Sideways, Andy reading some conspiracy theory book BECAUSE HE'S CRAZY, when all of a sudden I thought "How is Suzy doing her laundry??".

    Do you have a washer/dryer in your home?

  7. nanny, thanks!

    bee, believe it or not I have 400 sets of sheets and towels and about a million thongs. So the laundry has been piling up. Other than that I wash the few things I wear (over and over and over) by hand.

  8. Just wanted to say HUGE congrats on the new gig. So well deserved.

    Make it funny.

    No pressure.

  9. thotlady12:14 PM

    Congratulations. I will wonder on over.