Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Men Fake Foreplay Winner Is....

So many correct answers this time. Mrs. K, Anne, Jami, Pam, Erin, Beckie, Susan, Traci, Heather, Janet, Melly196, Aerin, Eileen, Chandler in Las Vegas (who even got the play right), Allison (also got the play right) and Lannalee. It was MARIO LOPEZ!

All the names went into a bowl and I drew out the winner.

Congratulations Heather! Send me your snail mail and Mike will get an autographed copy out to you.

For those of you who live in the Los Angeles area, you can catch Mike's show of Men Fake Foreplay opening on Friday July 25th and running every Saturday at 8 PM through August 23 at the Actors Art Theater on Wilshire near Fairfax.

I'm back at Uproarious today talking about my favorite female comic. She confused me with a TV and stage star, which I was not happy about.

Coming in August! Another shoe contest for one of The Debs. Remember these past books? Driving Sideways by Jess Riley and Unpredictable by Eileen Cook? Another Deb has written a book you're all going to love, Sleeping with Ward Cleaver, by Jenny Gardiner. They have just announced the 2009 Debs so if you're looking for fun reads bookmark their website since they have lots of interesting writers over there. And I'm pimping them out in a total selfless manner because I DO NOT have a book for sale and I'm the Mother Teresa of blogging. Shut Up.

End of chat.


  1. Beckie11:46 AM

    Congratufuckinlations Heather.

    (I totally mean that in a nice albeit snarky way)

  2. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Fucking shit mother fo'
    I guess I can go kill someone 'cause my odds of getting caught are nill to none.

  3. Congratulations and all that sportsmanlike shit to Heather from a good fucking loser - which would be ME.

  4. So I went over to "Uproarious" and read your excellent piece on Madigan and then realized there was another piece there on Regan. And I hadn't read it. And because I'm your biggest fan (you realize that, right?) and I always read every-fucking-thing you post, I'm immediately all "Where the hell did THAT come from?" until I realize you posted it last Friday ... when I was all unconscious while they poked and punctured and sliced and diced my knee. So I've left standing orders that I am never to have surgery on Wednesdays or Fridays ever again. OK?

  5. beckie, mrs. k and jami, your graciousness in losing is really inspiring.

    And Jami, next week I'm posting Tuesday and Thursday.

  6. I knew it was Mario. I am comforting myself that although I may be a loser- at least I had the answer right. That counts for something right? right?

  7. I feel like a bigger loser because I actually knew the answer. Next time I'll guess wrong so I can at least say I didn't have a chance. (Congrats Heather)

  8. Mario Lopez? For real?

    Go on with your bad self A.C. Slater!