Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Oscars Are Coming

This is what is located on Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue. It's the entrance to the Babylon Court, which replicates the 'Entrance to Babylon' from D.W. Griffith's classic black and white film Intolerance and is named in honor of it.

This structure houses the Kodak Theatre, the permanent home of the Academy Awards.

I live less than 10 minutes away and already all the traffic in our neighborhood is in serious jeopardy. As in shut down and you're doomed and good luck with driving and why don't you live in North Dakota where there is no traffic. Pray for me.


  1. Hope you don't have to get anywhere in a hurry! As if that area wasn't already a mess...

  2. Your comment about North Dakota cracked me up.

    My in-laws live in ND, and are always waxing rhapsodic about the lack of traffic and no lines at the DMV. I respond with a raised eyebrow, and the thought, "Well, duh, who the hell wants to live in North Dakota?"

  3. Way too many people for me. I spent the day in NYC yesterday and I couldn't wait to get home to peace and quiet. I had a fun day, but there were just too many people.

  4. So, are you just going to walk over to the ceremonies? Oh, wait - sorry about that. I forgot that you live in L.A. where the "w word" isn't used in polite society. Excuse the fuck out of me. In addition, I'm sure your ankle will prevent you from traveling any further than the distance from your bathroom to your car door without excruciating agony. I think you should just get your glam on and then order in pizza and stay home and watch the ceremonies on your ginormous plasma TV. (Since you are an integral part of the entertainment industry, you DO have a ginormous plasma TV, right? It's a business expense.)

  5. Anonymous10:34 AM

    At least you'll have decent TV coverage. Here in Hawaii all we get is the ABC thing. Bam. In LA it's like the Superbowl with pre-game could tune in to KTLA at 9:00 a.m. and get major anchors asking questions of the beauty salon staff or concierges. Minor actors are covered by noon. I ache for that...Here in Hawaii, because of the time difference it is all you can do to slap your hand and prevent it from clicking to CNN to see who won, 5 hours before it plays here.
    Martha Jane

  6. Anonymous11:07 AM

    I am jumping for joy as this is the first year I won't have to fight the log jam of traffic on Fountain this weekend. They shut down Highland, they shut down Hollywood Bl. and for peeps that live in the neighborhood it is almost easier to take the 101 south to the 10 east to the 405 north to get to WeHo. I am going to a BBQ at a fellow SAG member's house here in LV. Such relief.

    Chandler in Las Vegas

  7. Babylon, huh? The appropriateness of this imagery is on a biblical scale.

    I'd figure out a better way to say that but I'm a little weak from praying and fasting over the plight of all those poor Hawaii residents, being deprived of vital information in these troubled times in entertainment; to quote Dave Barry, "And the United Nations does nothing!" ; ) Seriously, I lived there for a year, so I understand the "privations"...but I did learn not to expect sympathy from mainlanders! Aloha, Martha Jane!

    Today I had the pleasure of hearing a well-known local radio DJ quoting a press release I wrote about a benefit concert I'm helping publicize; "I say it here, and it comes out there!" Albert Brooks, from Broadcast News

  8. Just move to the valley already.... Less traffic, less noise and more Costco's. 8-1-8 BAY-BEE!!!!