Monday, February 04, 2008

Nobody Likes A Sore Loser

The Patriots were the Beatles of football. Meet Yoko Ono, the Giants.

Everybody loves a winner but no one likes to see a would-be record destroyed. We would be talking for years about the Patriots as they entered football lore. Instead, their name will be forever linked to the Giants and I feel bad for the Giants. It will never just be 'The Giants Won.' It will be 'The Giants Upset The Winningest Team in the last 35 years of NFL play.' Either that or it will be like the Oscars and no one will remember who won Best Supporting Actor last year.

There is very little coverage over this win out here so that's sad. I wanted to see more sore losers because we're they're highly entertaining. But we're already on to Britney and tomorrow's California primary. This morning's news spent more coverage on the 28 parties at the Super Bowl than they did on Eli Manning's magical play that saved their asses. (You hear a little of that sore loser coming out now, don't you?)

Congratulations Giants. But I think it's fair to point out that Al Romas reminded me twice, that would be TWO times, to make this post. He didn't think that I would honor our written agreement to post that the Giants are great, blah blah, the Giants will win, blah blah, the Patriots suck, blah blah.

And he would have been right.

End of chat.


  1. Sore loser or no, you have to admit, it was a great game. I didn't care who won one way or another, I just love a great superbowl. So many years aren't as great.

  2. I didn't think it was that great except for the last 12 minutes. Up until half-time I was kinda bored. Then the half-time show put me in a coma. Is Tom Petty like, a hundred years old?

  3. I didn't start watching the game until about half way through the third quarter? Did I miss anything exciting? I didn't think so. All the good stuff came after that. And the commercials for the whole thing are online today, so I saved myself a couple of hours of real life

  4. Ah, the smell of shattered dreams - sweeter than the light summer breeze caressing freshly cut grass.

  5. What do you folks on the West Coast know, anyway?

  6. Anonymous11:55 AM

    I LOVE the Superbowl. I went to the beach during the game, where like minded folks enjoyed the uncrowded ocean. I only like the Superbowl when the Stones or Prince are the half-time entertainment, and then I have a friend call and let me know when half time is on so I don't have to watch sports (oh, I like sports -- ice skating, synchronized swimming and polo...)
    Martha Jane

  7. I thought the whole game was pretty good. I really didn't care who won (buncha Yankees, so what?) but it's more interesting if you do, so before the game I chose the Giants due to the Manning connection (I'm a Tenn. grad, where Peyton played). And of course (my favorite 3 little words coming up...) I was right.

    I wonder how many kids go to pro games now and wonder why there's no yellow line on the field.

    As a nod to Super Tuesday my church singles group incorporated a chili cookoff as part of our festivities...we narrowed about 9 down to 3 for a 2nd vote (secret ballots, anonymous cooks). So we had our primary and general elections within 4 hours. And no campaigning. Too bad that other electoral process doesn't work that fast (or taste that good). (Feel free to write your own punchline about similar aftereffects).

  8. jami, I liked the Timberlake and the Bud horse Hank commercials. Other than that, pfft.

    Madalyn, and no one likes a gloating winner! Except Al Romas. Maybe you two could tag team me?

    suburban, well we haven't had a pro team in 10 years, unless you count Arena Ball. I can hadly wait until our Avengers play the VooDoo at the Staples center. Retarded, no?

    MJ, it is so freaking cold here. STILL.

    Mark, did you take the Yankees name in vain? And you call yourself a church-going man?

  9. Anonymous12:49 PM

    We have invited you to move to Waikiki numerous times. We have UNIVERSAL HEALTH INSURANCE and great weather.

  10. A few things Rickey takes issue with:

    "no one likes to see a would-be record destroyed."

    Not true--all sports are at heart about the breaking of records. Sports fans LOVE a spoiler. And believe Rickey, 90% of sports fans are THRILLED right now that the Giants beat the Pats, which brings me to your next quote:

    "I feel bad for the Giants. It will never just be 'The Giants Won.'"

    Again, Rickey's gotta take issue with that. The Pats didn't choke--they were flat out beaten by a team that played better than them.

    (Being a New Yorker, Rickey had no choice but to stand up for his home team).

  11. MJ, but it's not Hollywood.

    Rickey, I think the real story is about human nature. People like to see others go up the ladder but then they want them to fail. The Bulls and Yankees both incurred the wrath of non-fans because they were such winners. The world loves the underdog until the underdog wins too much.

    Sad, but true. The Germans call it schadenfreude.

  12. Anonymous1:56 PM


    Nice pull with the Arena Football reference!

    That's the funniest thing I will hear all month.


  13. I was disappointed with the commercials this year and they are the only reason I look up from my book during the Superbowl. That, and did anyone notice that with how big the players are, they all seem to have small calves. I guess it is just the uniform making them look that way.

  14. Football? Take it or leave it.
    Commercials? Some were pretty funny.
    Tom Petty? I do believe he is a hundred years old. I guess we have Janet Jackson's boob to thank for yanking Petty out of his grave. I'm sure half the viewing audience wondered who the corpse was.

  15. Abeyta, I think you and I could make the Avengers team just by walking by their training camp.

    gm, have you ever seen men's calves in general? They don't wear high heels = no calf muscle.

    kathy, and Petty's pageboy was kind of a turnoff. If you pick up a guitar at least put some product in that hair.

  16. Everybody loves a winner but no one likes to see a would-be record destroyed.

    Who doesn't like to see a a would be record destroyed? I guess I am still giddy from rolling around naked in my Vegas winnings. Giants to win..Giants on the money line!!! This is the last gasp from the Pats. It's over. Mark it down. No playoffs next year for N.E.

    So glad I don't come to this site for my sports picks.

    Now back to the discussion about commercials.

  17. Tom Petty was old and scary. I don't know about that though, because that might make me old and scary. My favorite commercial was a tie between the Shaq as jockey and the baby with "a lot of coin" so he hired a clown.

  18. Okay Romas, unless you made over 5 grand, I don't think you were rolling in the $$. Out here, that's what we pay valet parking in a year. CHUMP change.

    merecat, I missed the baby with coin and every time I look for it on the web, it freezes my computer.

  19. The Giants won?

    I thought the Red Sox won....


  20. Not sure about it being schadenfreude (not for Rickey anyhow). The team who played better won, plain and simple.

  21. I guess I can afford valet parking for a year and then some.

  22. Why have we not discussed the name "Plaxico"? Who in the hell names an innocent baby Plaxico?

  23. Sore loser? I think that summed up the Patriot's coach as he stomped off the field before the game ended. I haven't seen a pout like that since my niece this Christmas.

  24. lori, oh lord, you're a Sox fan? I'm going to have to beat you.

    Schadenfreude has to do with the people who watch, not the ones who participate.

    al, the Pats QB is hotter than the Giants QB. To THAT!

    Denise, I believe Plaxico is from the Texaco family.

    Heather, yeah, Bill B. was a sore loser by doing that. I'd be pissed too if I had that record going in and lost it.