Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

I think this may be the best Valentine's Day card I ever got because I know it was from his heart. So thanks, Tony. You're my Valentine too.


  1. Surcie6:16 AM

    So cute. I assume it's from a little boy--not a man with really bad penmanship.

    My little boy gave me a v-d card this morning and it came with a few random Honey Nut Cheerios.

    PS: Have you see the Fendi bag on my blog? When I saw it at the store, I thought of the purse pics you showed recently.

  2. I love the "love" with the "o" sailing up like a helium balloon or a heart in love. Sigh. Precious!

    Be mine, Susy! Happy Valentine's Day.

  3. I think that little boy will be very excited to see his card on the Internet! Happy Valentine's Day Suzy.

  4. Anonymous11:11 AM

    I got my Valentine this morning from my cat. I was in the nether-world at about 4 a.m. where I was half sleeping/dreaming and thinking, wow that heating pad sure feels good on my lower back. Then I realized, I don't have a heating pad. I was sleeping on my side and my big orange tabby had draped himself on my back. Apologies in advance to you non-cat-people.
    Aloha and Happy Valentine's Day,
    Martha Jane

  5. Surcie, I date young but not that young! I did see that Fendi bag. That was BUTT ugly, I just forgot to comment on it! HVD

    merecat, there's nothing sweeter than a little boy before he grows up! HVD

    Deb, be mine back!! HVD

    gm, I talked to the little boy today and he was SO adorable and thrilled to be on the internet with his card! HVD

    mj, HVD

  6. Well, if it's not from a 4-year-old boy, it's definitely from the stalker variety. The penmanship is a sure tip-off.