Tuesday, February 05, 2008

L.A. Sign Of The Times #33


  1. Somebody sent me a photo of a similar poster tacked to a telephone pole that simply said "She voted for the war."

    Amazing how so much can be said with so few words.

  2. I was just having this same conversation with my husband last night.

    (Oh. That reads like a double entendre. It wasn't supposed to be one, though. )

  3. With that reasoning, let's vote for Cher. Or Paris Hilton (no, wait - she's not old enough).

  4. Enough already with the same old crap year after year.


  5. D2, weren't you for the war in the beginning? You were considered anti-American if you weren't. I was for it. Only time changed my mind. And the endless ridiculosityness of Bush.

    madmad, I missed that!

    suburban, I think Cher would kick some serious ass in the White House.

    jay, the same old same old, you mean Men in the White House? I think a lot of women agree on that.

    gm, go Hillary!

    9:35 AM

  6. Anonymous10:36 AM

    At least if Cher was in the White House we'd have better Kennedy Center Honors Shows, one would hope. Obama grew up here in Hawaii. However, I will vote for Hillary and then hope we have a Clinton/Obama ticket. And perhaps the Republicans will remember that they have fucked the economy up and we need some changes that don't involve being born again.
    Martha Jane