Friday, July 13, 2012

Yet One More Blog I Love

As much as I love all things fashion, I equally love all things style. So continuing with my Most Favorite Blogs Ever, I give you the fabulous style gurus the Junk Gypsies. They meet all my criteria of extreme creativity, brazen confidence and off the wall originality. They shop for a living. In vintage shops and junkyards and flea markets. Since more than half of my apartment is filled with items from those three places, I was a devotee from the moment I saw them.

Amie and Jolie and a stranger in the middle. (my crack research team is on vacation) (also non-existent)

I'll admit to being late to the Junk Gypsy party but I've made up for it with ardent stalking on Twitter, @junkgypsy, and watching every video of theirs on When my finances fell into hell, I cut off my cable so can't watch their wildly popular HGTV show. But when I house sit in Santa Monica, I do watch while praying for cash flow at the altar of my rich friends.

Sidebar: You know how you follow people on Twitter and shout them out with a compliment? I'm not talking about regular bloggers, I'm talking about people more in the public eye, with lots of followers. And you know how they couldn't be bothered to tweet you back? There are even a few big bloggers who couldn't be bothered. But not Amie and Jolie. Maybe because they're down home girls from Texas, but they're very quick draw with a response.

One of my favorite designs of theirs was for the Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton wedding. OH MY GOD. I've never been a fan of those white weddings where everything looks exactly like the wedding down the street. No sameness here. No beige people need apply.

Here they are with some of their treasures on The Today Show with Hoda and KLG:

While you're visiting their site, check out their store and buy me something, like for example THIS:

**All photos stolen off their site. All the real information, like who that stranger is in the picture at the top, is on their site. Also, all photo attributions. Apologies to the Gypsies for my extreme laziness this morning.


  1. Oh, yeah: you know me pretty well.

    This is the kind of stuff that calls my name.

    ON MY WAY.

    Love that you're doing finding new, different.


  2. While I drive, you post. Then I get to come here and see the cool things you've found. Then I see you on a Seinfeld rerun. This relationship is working for me. I hope you're okay with it.

    Also - your tweets often cause me to do the dreaded sneak peek while sitting at a stoplight and there's never time for me to respond. Damn it!