Monday, March 19, 2012

L.A. Sign Of The Times #97

I went to a party on Sunday. Old friends who I hadn't seen in many, many years. My sister was invited because she's also old. Please don't tell her I said that because I'm going to ask her for a loan.

I wish I could tell you who was there but I can't. So instead I'll focus on this lovely home that looks so wee in a picture but inside? Isn't! So. Fabulous. It helps that the owner has exquisite taste and like a lot of L.A. homes, this one was decorated to within an inch of its California life. An ode to a peaceful existence among the traffic, the smog and the movie stars.

After I arrived I looked up and noticed the mind blowingly architecturally dumbfounding Pacific Design Center was right behind her house.

If you're unfamiliar with the Pacific Design Center, it's where every gorgeous thing ever invented for home decor lives. It's the Louvre for decorators. I went in there once and was asked to leave as apparently crying on the sofas is forbidden.



  1. Awesome I know you had fun!

  2. The comment about your old sister cracked me up!

  3. Good lord. That building looks like a huge ship that is going to crush that adorable little house!

  4. I love seeing beautifully cared for small homes.

    And by love I also mean feel overcome with inadequacy.

  5. Suzy: can you get ANY pictures of inside the design center?

    I want to join you in your tears.

    My home: still in early Fisher Price.

  6. Yeah, I hate your sister's muscles, too. My arms are just one more place to carry some flab around.


  7. I've decorated in second-hand amusing. :-)

    Now what's this I'm hearing about your sister's muscles?


  8. Anonymous6:56 PM

    The last time I saw the Pacific Design Center it was just "The Whale" building, apparently additions have been built in my absence.
    Your photo is wonderfully surreal, then again it is LA, just point and shoot.