Wednesday, March 07, 2007

For Surcie

I told Surcie I didn't decorate like most people and she said I should post more of my place, so here's a photo of part of my living room.

The 1950's TV has all the tubes in the back but it doesn't work, I just like using it as an end table. The 1938 slot machine belonged to my Dad and it works. After he died I had it shipped to LA and decided to take all the money out beforehand. I got one of the doormen in our building in Florida to open it up. I was SO sure the Evil Doers Moving Company was going to break into it and steal ALL the money that I was quite proud of myself for beating them to the punch. There was $26.00 in it and then we couldn't get it to work again. I had to pay $300.00 to have some special slot machine guy from Orange County make a house call to LA to fix it. Whatever.

The toy truck is where I keep my remotes. My friend Ann Abeyta and I were at a flea market in Hollywood and the guy wanted $10.00 for it and Ann talked him down to $8.00. I would've paid any amount for it so I hope the guy that sold it to me doesn't read this blog.

In the tall case is my collection of old microphones and just about every book on standup comedy or by standup comics that was ever written.

The large print is an original Some Like it Hot, one of two French versions from 1959. It was on craigslist for $250.00. It was going for $300.00 but I told the guy I didn't need the frame it was in because I was going to have it restored and reframed so he gave it to me for $250.00. He didn't even know it was real. And I did not tell him.

End of living room chat.


  1. Anonymous1:15 PM

    I don't think there's ever been a blog post named for moi!

    Oooh, I love it! Vintage decor from the 40s & 50s is my absolute favorite. And I really like your use of black, both here and in the cabinet. Do you use black elsewhere, too? I take it the layout feng-shui-friendly?

    Please 'splain la lamp. From a distance, the shape of the shade kind of reminds me of those Americana lamps (I found this example:

    Thanks for satisfying my curiosity, Suz.

  2. I'm a blackaholic. I also use a lot of red and ochre. I hate girly shit decorating or a style that looks like a hotel. If you have anything frilly in your place, I need to be warned in advance so I can take pepto bismol before I go.

    It's all feng-shuied**. I had it done by a pro and then I learned how to do it myself.

    That lamp is an Americana lamp and it says Greetings from Florida on the side. I loved the turquoise as the accent color in the room.

    **Don't point your desks towards a wall or facing a window because it blocks the flow of money or all your money will go out the window. All desks should face towards a door that opens to the room or the house. And that's your feng-shui tip of the day.

  3. I really love your decorating style. I could probably spend days looking at all your collections.
    I think I will scratch the idea I had to make ribbon pillows for my new couch. Talk about frilly. What is wrong with me? I have turned into such an old lady since living in the country. I must watch Top Design tonight for help.

  4. I love your microphone collection. Very cool.

  5. Some day I'll post the up close pics of the ones that came in boxes from God knows what decade. One is also in the shape of an old time radio microphone marked KAVN but is really Avon's men's cologne. And there's cologne still in there! One is a lamp and one is a very cool (and gigantic) lapel mic.

    My favorite is an old one from Radio Shack. Standups always fiddle with a club's mic and if it's a cheap one, we always make a comment that the club must have bought it at Radio Shack. This one is really old and extremely cool. To me, anyway.

  6. I love your style. More, please!

  7. Check back on Sunday.

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