Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Tragedy + Time = Kathy Griffin

<--Costco price. (Sorry Kath. Love you, mean it)

Kathy doesn't need my help in pushing her New York Times best seller. It's up there because it's funny and does what most celebrity tell-alls don't do, gives you the inside dish. That's why you bought them and you know it. And if you bought Brooke Shield's And Down Came the Rain, boy are you on the wrong blog.

When Kathy was a comic and then transitioned to taking down the hoi polloi of Hollywood, I was scared for her. It's brave to do that in a town full of self-important bitches. But I rooted for her because she proved what a lot of us already knew, Hollywood has no sense of humor.

Steven Spielberg had her fired from the E! channel through his massive connections because she joked that Dakota Fanning was going into rehab. Right before his movie War of the Worlds came out starring...Dakota Fanning. Who in their right mind would think a comedian was telling the truth about a child going into rehab? It's not like Diane Sawyer was announcing it on GMA. Spielberg now has Donald Trump hair so he needs to shut up because we can see the hairspray from Des Moines.

And could we all just GET OVER this P.C. bullshit? This is still America, last time I checked, and we can say anything we want except "Fire!" in a crowded room. You have to yell "Fire" on the streets of NY because if you yell "Help" people will point and laugh as you bleed to death.

If you don't "get her" just remember that comedy is predicated on negative issues. Pretty sure Mother Theresa didn't get up to do a tight 5 on her rounds.

Kathy talks about being banned from TV shows, her loving and supportive parents, her pedophile brother and how her ex-husband ripped off her money.

Did I just hear your front door slam and your car engine turn over?

Thought so.

End of chat.


  1. Kathy G cracks me up. Saw her on Leno before he went to 10 and just sat in awe of her ability to call it like it is and still be asked on Jay Leno. I think Jay liked that she got below the water line :)

  2. OMGosh you are funny.. 'Did I just hear your front door slam and your car engine turn over' Brilliant and thank you for the review, I was on the fence.

  3. I love her. She was just on the View not to long ago, what a riot. I love how she just blurts out whatever, that's great. And yes, the world is WAY TO PC. Way out of hand. *rolls eyes*

    Great review!

  4. -->I like Kathy a lot too. Have you two met before?

  5. As soon as I have a book budget again, I'll add her to my list. Even without theievery and pedophelia, it sounds like an engaging read, and I'm game for some laughter while I'm at it.

    Thanks for the heads-up.

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  6. Being PC is not always a good thing...mostly not!

    Nice post.

    xo, Mango

  7. I've watched her Bravo show from the beginning. p.s.

    and I'm proud of it!!!!!

    Now, where do I burn my bra?????



    you star, you.

  9. Love that Kathy!
    My favorite night was NYE when she flustered Anderson Cooper so badly!!

  10. You really need to get the audiobook to appreciate the material... having Kathy read it to you makes it all that much better!

  11. LOVE Ms. Griffin! In fact, I'm going to Chicago Saturday to see her show at the Chicago Theater. I'd REALLY like to go see Suzy Soro perform. I hear she's amazingly awesome.

  12. I've been a fan of kathy griffin for awhile. She skewers others as much as she does herself. How can you not love someone that is so self deprecating?

    And she has great comedic timing!

  13. I've seen her on a couple of shows lately. She is blunt and hilarious and fun. Thanks for the tip on the Costco price... I'll definitely go there to buy the book!

  14. Can't wait to read it, but I'm too tired to run out and get it right this minute. You'll hear my car start later.Well, first you'll hear my couch sigh in relief when my butt gets off it!

  15. Yeah, PC takes all the fun out of funny. See, all you're left with is ny. And what in the world are you supposed to do with that?

  16. ok, now i wanna read it... and i've not read any hollyweird bullshit yet

  17. Suzy, how did you hear that? Weren't you living in France the whole time my front door was slamming?

  18. I think she's hilarious! I had no idea she had a book out.

    It's not her fault Dakota Fanning has a drinking problem. ;o)

  19. I totally get her. I love a person that makes as much fun of herself as she does of other people.

  20. Your everybody can bite me post was hilarious today. Truly.

    Also, a college friend of mine has one two emmys for developing The D List.

    Now you ask AGAIN...What happened to me?

  21. Anonymous3:57 PM

    It sickens me to think that Spielberg would take such action - because he didn't like something Kathy said. Shame shame shame on him - Hitler and the Germans wasn't all that long ago!

  22. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Kathy is funny as all hell and I love her show!! And no I'm not a gay man I'm a grown ass woman, I know when something is funny and she is!