Friday, October 02, 2009

It's Everybody Can Bite Me Friday!

I'd like to talk about my favorite subject, me, but the news is just too dishy to pass up.

I love what Letterman did last night. I'd been hearing for years about his philandering and he once tried to pick up a flight attendant friend of mine on his way out to LA. I don't think he was with his girlfriend Merrill, the one who created Stupid Pet Tricks, but he might have already been with his future wife Regina. There is something very attractive about a man who fucks up and then, albeit under the threat of 2 million bucks, comes clean about it.

For one million dollars I'll confess to sleeping with MacKenzie Phillips.
Roman Polanski? I think a rape by any other name is still a crime. Those days were so wild and drug infused. Lindy and I had dinner with him once in Paris, at his house, and he gave me a Quaalude which I might have cheeked. I can't remember. He is one of the brightest men I've ever met, interesting, charming and polite but no I didn't have sex with him. How do I remember he was all those things if I had just taken a lude? Ahhhhh, you've obviously never had a lude. I did try to bring up the rape charge but he changed the subject thinking I worked for a newspaper. Remember them?
The Olympics, in Chicago? Yeah, let's stick the gangs on those poor tourists. And Oprah, take it down a notch will you? You can sell a book but WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

Michael Jackson is still dead. And with help from Dr. Feel Good, yes, but homicide? No. You've heard of Suicide By Cop? I think this was Suicide By Doctor.

End of chat.


  1. Anonymous4:19 PM

    True Hollywood story. A friend of mine wanted to meet/sleep with Jack Nicholson. She needed his address. I looked up the Polanski police report, got Jack's address. My friend sent him a small flowering plant with some of her poetry affixed to some of the stems. With two days she was in Jack's hot tub and spending the night. This was 3 weeks after the Polanski arrest. Yes, she was over 21. Aloha, MJ

  2. I don't think I ever tried ludes. I was more of an upper type of girl. Although, I may have taken one by mistake.
    I'm not sure I can respect anyone anymore after hearing about Letterman.
    I just found out that my favorite doctor, someone I always thought was a family man, has been cheating on his wife. Bastard.

  3. yeah, I like that he fessed up.

    And Polanski? He just plain has always given me the creeps.

    and HOLD THE PHONE!!! Michael Jackson is DEAD???????????????????

  4. Dave is the father of both my children - whether he wants to be or not.

    Boss o Dave xxxx

  5. That may be an explanation for doing what he did but it's not an excuse. Polanski et al.

    I have a real problem with the lack of taking responsibility for oneself.

    I guess I can start saying I'm fat because McDonalds serves hamburgers. It's all their fault.

    PS I do not like Micky D's do not like their sandwhiches and still it's their fault.

  6. I know, right?
    I'm with you.

  7. Struggling with the Mackenzie Phillips thing - not sure what that meant.

    And Roman? He's an ass. I did a whole post about him because he's a freak pedophile and there's no excuse for what he did.

    Letterman? I like that he 'fessed up, too. I can respect at least respect that he owns it.

    Michael Jackson? Yet another pedophile. Sorry to see him go.

    Oprah? Doesn't do it for me.

    Sorry for a whole post in your comments.

  8. Give me a break. Letterman knew he was screwed, so he did the only sensible thing - he took the blackmailer down with him.

    What is up with men, anyway? Apparently, they only think with their penises. Remember Hugh Grant and that blow job in a car in LA (or was it Hollywood)? Here the guy could have anyone and he's slumming it like that? I read an opinion piece after that that explained that sex to a guy is like food to a (non-French) woman - that tart in his car was just a sack full of bite-size Oreos to him.

    Roman Polanski is a creepy, disgusting pedophile. Pedophiles can turn on the charm, but they are still sick and creepy. How could all of those stars justify defending him?

    Well, I'm certainly opinionated tonight; but the news is just ridiculous lately. Enough to make lesbianism look attractive...

  9. Oh, thank GOD, your Oprah comment saved me. Who the hell does that woman think she is? And sorry, but all those blacks landing in Copenhagen is just gonna scare the Danes....

  10. I thought Letterman handled it well.

    Can't believe you dined with Polanski. Must have been interesting dinner conversation.

    Mackenzie Phillips is a train wreck. Part of me believes it, the other part think she's just trying to sell a book. Either way, it's sad.

    Olympics in Chicago? What a joke! We only scored 18 out of 94. That's really pathetic. If that was a test score, that's like, what, an F-? I can't wait to hear the soundbites from Mayor Daley. The local news here was calling the 2012 Olympic bid his legacy, and now he doesn't have a legacy. Poor guy. LMAO!

  11. i could care less about anyone you mention, and yeah: STFU winfrey!

  12. I agree with you on all of it. The "news" is like a horrible accident--and I just can't stop rubbernecking.

  13. I loved each of your comments. Oprah the Goddess I am so over. I think she harmed Chicago's bid more than helped it.

  14. I think I'm going to have to take your word for it on the 'ludes. Apparently my mis-spent youth was not entirely complete.

  15. Suzy, I love the entire post here. Whatever has come over Oprah?

    You are right. . .she does need to take it down a notch.

    I remember when I wanted to go to or be on her show and now I can't imagine that even being something I would want to fess up about.

    David Letterman. . . very attractive what he did.

    Roman. . . disgusting pig. . .

  16. Ah! being famous! I suppose if you are famous it's like "OMG he did this????"

    My ex or should I say two exes both told me on bended knees "You are he love of my life"....Gee I wonder did they both tell their many girfriends the same thing?

    Famous people just do what everyone else does except when they get cought it's news.

    My second ex might be news to if my alimony doesn't come soon, I have a court app. Wednesday, wish me luck, he is a real trip....

    Have a wonderful week-end Suzy


    Sylvie Madeleine

    P.S. are there any faithful men outhere? I hope so but do not count on it

  17. Wow, lots of good comments!
    Anyway- heard from a friend that the poor young lady in the middle of the Dave thing had broken up with the Blackmailer (is that a word? hope so.) a few months ago. he totally betrayed her.

    Even her family had no idea that she had a long term relationship with D. (yes, before he married long term partner) he flew she and her parents to place in Montana, paid for her Law school, was a good guy to her. She was NOT a part of this blackmail thing. Apparently they all knew ( she, dave, and family) for few weeks before this broke and were prepared for media onslaught...

    According to her family, (my friend) she is a quiet, plain, nice girl. Kinda like all the other girls, including wife, that he went for...

    So that's my inside scoop... big whoop, right?

  18. Holy crap! You and your readers are soooo well informed. I seriously need to get out more... The only thing here that I had any inkling of was that Michael Jackson is dead.

  19. I like your decisiveness. I also like lentils. Have I ever mentioned that?