Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Hope I'm Not Going To Be THAT Girl

I miss rotary phones. Mainly because I didn't have to push 1 to speak in my own language. Nor did I have to hear the same message over and over while I waited. And I didn't have to push 37 buttons which invariably made me return to the menu before I finally just gave up and pushed 0. And I could cradle the receiver in the crook of my neck and still do dishes. I also didn't get other calls in the middle of a call I was already on. And I could call information for free. AND I REMEMBER TALKING TO A PERSON CALLED THE OPERATOR. See that little phone in the picture? That's a (dusty and dirty) kitchen timer. One day I was shopping and in a fit of nostalgia decided I couldn't live without it.

Even though I'm no luddite, I'm a foot dragger. I was the kid who studied for her exams the night before. And had the grades to prove it.

So I've finally joined Twitter.

There were 3 reasons I never did before:

1. I googled myself about a year ago and found a conversation between two people on Twitter and they were talking about me:

The woman was saying that Suzy Soro was too cool to Twitter and the guy wrote back that he was afraid of me. That's what you want in a man. To inspire fear.

2. My sister is addicted to texting. She walks around with that stupid phone and doesn't even turn it off in the movies. And after it rings 5 times, she turns if off while everyone glares at her. She doesn't even make the universal sign for "sorry" with her face. While my mother was here this summer, Lindy just flat out told us that she loved texting so much because she didn't have to talk to anyone. ANYONE. Mom lives in Paris and I don't text so there you have it. And if I do get her on the phone, she yells at me if I call on the wrong line.

3. I don't want to become my sister.

End of chat.


  1. I loved the old rotary phones, too.

    They had a certain air of solidity about them.

    And it was before caller ID ruined the good old-fashioned fun of doing prank phone calls with your friends while your parents were out....

    ah, the good old days!

  2. Found you and following you. I haven't been on twitter in forever. Forgot how fun good oneliners can be.

    I do not miss rotary phones one tiny bit. I've got one real hardline phone. You know, the kind with a cord from the headset to the base? And it has a setting for "tone" or "pulse." Pulse being an option if you like that "waiting for the rotary phone to go back" effect. WTF was that feature for?

  3. I may be missing out on many things but it's like mom always used to say, neither a tweeter nor a twitterer be.

  4. I'm sure I would love Twitter if I had the time for it--which I don't, so share some of your best one-liners here.

  5. Anonymous11:48 AM

    My mother still has a rotary phone in her bedroom. I offered to buy her a touch tone and she replied, "It's not necessary, Dear. I only place calls from one of the downstairs locations. Since I don't use it for dialing, why bother?" We bought her a cell phone. She assured me she was taking it w/her on the train to visit her grandchildren. My brother-in-law reported she arrived w/the phone still in the box, unopened and uncharged. This is a report for those of you who may have wondered why I was so whacky. Genetic.
    Aloha, MJ

  6. Ha, ha. If all the other kids were jumping off a bridge, would you? Now get off the phone!

  7. -->I was skeptical of twitter but now I sort of like it A LOT. I stop following a lot of people when all they do is post links and contests. Some folks really tweet some funny stuff.
    What is your twitter handle?
    I'm @DebThaxton.
    I know, I get a TON of points for creativity. At least I spell it right unlike my blog address.


  8. I've resisted until now but obviously all the cool kids are doing it now that Suzy has becomea a twat. Remember that Tim Conway skit on the Carol Burnett show where Mrs. Awiggins would sharpen pencils endlessly then use them to dial the rotary phone? Shit, I'm old.

  9. I am so glad you were talking about THAT kind of a girl and not Marlo Thomas :)

  10. you're brave, suzy... i'm not going on either, any time soon....

  11. Now you can see when people are cruel to you on Twitter.

    And then you can blame me.


  12. I've had a Twitter account for a long time but just did my first tweet 2 days ago. Weird. I couldn't figure out how to put a link in my tweet and searched for an hour trying to figure it out. If you know, let me know!

  13. I like the sound the rotary phone made when you dialed a number. Don't know why.
    I miss not being able to crank phone call someone. Damn that caller ID.

  14. All excellent reasons not to twitter, you could just be a twurker. (twitter lurker) There's no harm in that ... none at all!!!

    I love love love rotary phones. My grandparents always had those old ones lying around for us kids to play with. Excellent memory playing office with my sibs!

  15. I almost hate Twitter and yes, I jonied it but I only tweet about once a month. However, I followed you just to up your numbers by 1.

  16. I do not twitter.

    I'm not saying I never will. I just don't do it now.

    I don't like pushing numbers to get to a real person. I often hang up and just go to the place I'm trying to reach. . . unless of course it is out of state then, lets just pray it's not an emergency!

    What happened to real relationships with real live people?

    Technology is great until it begins to drive a wedge between those relationships with people we love!

  17. What's better: to be on Twitter or to be talked about on Twitter? I finally joined as well. I use it but I hate it. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer...