Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kreative Award

First I'd like to thank the people who added votes to my Humor Bloggers tally. I'm still in 10th place but 105 is better than 101, so thanks. Now pull out your multiple accounts and go vote again. Yes, I'm pushy.

To my recent followers, Blogger is fritzing out on the list so I can't turn around and follow you but I will as soon as Blogger has fixed this. Apparently lots of people are having this problem.

And now onto this:
This award was given to me by the talented Patty Mooney, a videographer and filmmaker from San Diego. Her award winning documentary The Invisible Ones about homeless veterans should be seen by every American. Please go to their website and request a free copy for your school or church.

To honor her, I'd like to honor others like her, who pour out their art through the magic of a lens or a canvas.

Green Meadow Lane, Gregorio Art Studio, Robin Dodd Photography, Elizabeth Seaver Fine Art and Avery James Photography. If I've left you out and you're a photographer or painter, please copy the badge anyway and I apologize that I'm not familiar with all my readers' work. Pass it on if you'd like. If you don't know how to put it on your sidebar, email me and I'll give you directions that will make your head spin.

It's all the sugar. It only leaves so much room in my brain to read and think and connect the dots. DOTS. The candy!

I truly kill me. That's so you won't.

End of chat.


  1. The darn follow is working. The widget just logs you off the darn web connection. But, trust me it registered you that you followed. Then, you have to log back on to the internet!!! I have been making sure that I left the comment. Then, I click follow because I know it is going to kick me off!!!

  2. You continue to inspire me to inspire...thank you Suzy!!

  3. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Badges help the ego, don't they. And now you're over 200 followers! I think I was 88 on the list just a short time ago. Well done.

  4. Come by and tell me what you think of my "Macho Men vs Girly Men" if you haven't already!

  5. Congrats! You do have a great blog!

  6. So, on my blog, you said, "It's SO hot in Los Angeles," and I figured I was supposed to say, "How hot is it?"

    So, how hot is it?

  7. congrats! I'm off to check out this site of the Invisible ones.

  8. Congrats Suzy!

    The Invisible Ones sounds like a great documentary and what a fantastic title. Can't wait to see it but I know I'll have to have kleenix by my side.

  9. Congratulations Suzy and to the other artist :-)

  10. WTG on the award. I will definitely go and request a DVD. It is a shame that anyone has to be homeless.. but it pisses me off even more when our veterans are left living on the streets.

  11. You're awesome! Thank you so much! You're so kind!

  12. Congrats. Your blog is very nice. The images are very beautiful. God is Great. Best wishes.

  13. I somehow missed this when you posted it!! Thank you so much! :) I will post it on my blog with honor. :)

  14. hmm, i just posted a comment, but it doesn't show....but I wanted to say "THANK YOU" and sorry for the late response! :)