Tuesday, July 07, 2009


XXX said...

I was getting these last week. I deleted them all and these people were NOT happy with my sanity saving tactic. Yesterday morning I had 53 emails. Half of them were the person above, copies of comments they left. They come in the night like a cheap whore or a guy whose wife won't have sex with him.

SO, I am very sorry that I have to put the word verification up until this douchebag goes away. In almost 3 years of blogging, this is only the second time this has happened. If you don't want to comment because it's IRRITATING to have to type that stupid, unreadable word in, I totally understand and please put me on your shit list. Like usual.

I've been busy lately and ate a bad salad last night and have food poisoning that worsened throughout the day BECAUSE I CAN'T GO FIVE FUCKING MINUTES WITHOUT A BODY ISSUE. I'm pre-posting this so don't think I stayed up until midnight to put this up. So now I'm really REALLY way behind reading and commenting. See? I'm definitely shit list material.

End of comments?


  1. Anonymous12:41 AM

    LOL - Somebody's having a bad day!! I have been thinking all morning about a reason to leave the office early and you have just given me the perfect excuse - Food poisoning ;0))

    Just for info my verification word is ''narvisac'' ... Where do they come from?!!

  2. Sorry about the emails...weird and annoying at the same time. Even more sorry about the food poisoning. For about a minute when you hear that someone has that I think damn I want that I probably would loose a few pounds? Until you are a victim to the bathroom and praying to god for it to stop do you remember it is so not worth the 2 pound loss! Take care!

  3. I'm just glad you rang and we were ble to talk before you die...i love you Suzy. Send my love to the Chinese whore....

  4. I've never been annoyed by putting the word verification in...
    Hope you feel better soon and the annoying emailer goes on their merry way!

  5. yeah, after he left YOU? He came over to my house.

  6. Don't blame you, he seems to be making the rounds and... to what end?

    Sorry you're not feeling well, go back to bed.

  7. I thought you would like to know what google translated it to:

    Now, why the experience to meeting new people this summer? Associate dating sites, reverse yen yen to aid the men's dating a woman that is reversed, and the auxiliary circle. Matching system is to learn how to play adult amateur dating yen reversed. Any age or experience limit appearance. If a man can register for free. Would you like to experience a new encounter, you

    Apparently it is a Japanese dating service?? At least, the note was not a stalker planning to kill you.

  8. Body issues? When all these Japanese people are trying to get in your pants?

  9. When I saw the writing in my dashboard, I seriously though your site had been hacked...

    HaHA! DouglasDyer...

    Take a snort of vodka, a few tylenol nightime pills and enjoy the dreams the two produce. You'll really feel better, in a day or two.

  10. that's where they went....I was getting those regularly, very annoying. I was able to check once what they where: a triple XXX website.

    I check all my posts before approving

  11. Looks like the menu at the Chinese place on the corner...

    I'm sorry you're not feeling well...sucks...and how the Hell do you get a bad SALAD??

    Also...really...is it wise to say "Shit list" when you've got food poisoning??

    How's this for coincidence? I was just thinking I'm glad I took the word thingy down because Suzy Soro doesn't have it and she's famous and doesn't get snerts on HER blog, so little ol' me REALLY doesn't need it...

    I hope you feel better soon, Mizz Suzy...

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  12. Hope you feel better but if you die, can I have your stuff?

  13. I hate that chinese comment leaving moron. I get that all the time and then I have to picking back through old posts to remove them.

    I heard that you can highlight the comments and change it to english and it's porn. I didn't try it though. Maybe you could try it when you're done in the bathroom and let me know?

  14. What does it say? Does it say you have won A bazillion Chinese dollars? Does it tell you when the mother ship will be landing?

    Oh and I'm sorry your sick but a bad salad? E-Coli? perhaps?

  15. oh Suzy feel better...

    Hit 40 you crack me up...

  16. ....You got food poisoning from a SALAD??

  17. Yeah, I've been seeing that comment on several blogs lately. What a whore bastard.

    Sorry about the food poisoning, that stuff sucks!

  18. Anonymous11:40 AM

    To All The Suzy Family,
    Last night, after four days of working on my apartment, I allowed myself to go to a wine tasting dinner, on the ocean, at sunset, in Waikiki. Please, all of us should do some pampering and be kind to ourselves and others. Even though the food portions were small, they kept pouring more wine. I almost ordered a gurney instead of a cab to get home.
    Martha Jane

  19. Chandler in Las Vegas12:11 PM

    I thought that
    "さあ、今夏も新たな出会いを経験してみ" was HILARIOUS! But if you hate the c-word , I can imagine you not liking "性の方は無料で登録して".

  20. Bad salad, my ass. You're still hungover from that awesome party at Johnny and Carson's. Have pink dot bring you a greasy cheeseburger and a disgustingly sweet diet pepsi along with a snickers bar. You'll be all better.

  21. Don't worry. A little word ver never stops me from commenting if I have something to say! And sometimes it doesn't stop me even if I don't have anything to say....

    Hope you feel better soon.

  22. that asshole tried to get me to post its shit too many times for me to count, despite my warning it to translate it or go away... it did, eventually

    thx to my screening all posts to my page, it never appeared in my blog

    hope whatever bug you have is quickly gone....

  23. Pooooooorrrr Baby!
    Did that make you feel any better?
    It usually works for me.

  24. Only you would food poisoning from a salad.

    It's ok about the word verification, cuz my word looks like "orgasm".

  25. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Will love you and comment anyway. As long as you don't send them my way!

  26. I haven't gotten any of those spam emails. Weird, they are.

  27. Word verification is dead?!?

    Boss O xxxx

    (reads things out of order)

  28. hope you're feeling better now!

  29. It's spam for Japanese dating site.