Monday, June 09, 2008

Another Free Giveaway Contest!

The winner of this contest receives a free autographed copy of Eileen Cook's first novel, Unpredictable. I laughed out loud three times on the first page, to give you an idea of the funny level of this book.

So here is the contest. The first shoe pictured, the black and gold one, costs $750.00.

You have ONE guess for the second shoe. Again, if there are multiple winners, their names will be put into a hat and chosen at random.

How much does this black and white shoe cost?

A. This shoe cost $125.00
B. This shoe cost $65.00
C. This shoe cost $795.00
D. This shoe cost $0 because it's not in production

Good luck!


  1. I'll go with *B*.

    I ordered Driving Sideways from Amazon last week. I wonder if they still use the Pony Express as their mode of delivery.

  2. I won the last one, so I'm out.

    This shoe costs $3,700--because that's how much I'd spend on doctor's visits and chiropractic adjustments if I ever attempted to walk in that shoe.

  3. I'm gonna go with C.

  4. A.

    Just because it could be.

  5. thotlady2:01 PM

    A - $125.00, why, because I am a type A personality.

  6. Anonymous2:02 PM

    i think it's D

  7. D.

    How much would it cost to have someone carry me from place to place while I wore them?

  8. I think I'll choose D. Just Because.

  9. Anonymous3:39 PM


  10. Beckie4:39 PM

    I'll choose B just because no one else has.

  11. Beckie4:42 PM

    Wow do i read much??? Sorry Bee - I didn't see your comment till after mine posted.

    (Also - I'm still waiting for my amazon order from last week too)

  12. oooh the pressure. I won't enter because
    a) I have no idea
    b) I can sign a book for myself anytime.

  13. OH I am soo confused!

    I'll go with C because it was E's first choice.

  14. I'm going with C because it would take a long time to stick all the feathers on.

  15. I am guessing "D"

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  16. I'm saying C. I bet those are feathers from some bird that lives in only one remote place in the world.

    I'm also saying I would never wear them because I try to NEVER wear shoes.

  17. Oh, come on! I wear Crocs or moccasins for goodness sake - how am I supposed to know this??

    And...umm...really? Someone would WEAR those?

    I say D - and my feet hurt all the way up to my arse just looking at these things.

    Shade and Sweetwater,
    K )who hasn't worn any kind if heels since she got out of show choir in HS)

  18. Hmmmm...I'm going to go with C also. Because I cannot imagine paying that much for a pair of shoes and since I'm generally not fancy, that might just be it.


  19. I'll go with C.

    Glad the shoes aren't the giveaway. I doubt anything in my closet would match these bunion pinching, corn producing, ball (of foot) busting beauties.


  20. Surcie12:13 PM

    Hello, Plantar Fasciitis!

    Are those feathers? So maybe they're rare. Or even illegal? I'm going with D.

    I'm all about Dansko clogs. No, not as pretty but at least I've regained my ability to walk without yelling, and I no longer have to crawl up the stairs in my house! It's a tradeoff.

  21. chandler in lasvegas9:43 PM

    Wow, THAT sure cleaned out your male readers.