Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mailbag # 7

Once again, out of context anonymous sentences from my emails:

We love you out here in nyc!!!!!

I was going to ask a lot of silly questions like do you think you'd be more famous if you released a sex tape.

ANT wants to add you as a friend on Pulse.

The funny thing about irony is how ironic it can be at times.

With as much metal as you now have in your body you should talk to Marvel about making you their next movie superhero.

I laughed out loud, then felt bad about laughing.

Nurses are so much nicer to funny people.

You are a tough cookie.

I like to bowl, but only if I am drinking.

Helping you makes me happy. I learned it from the Dalai Lama! He is my homeboy! If my home was in Dharmasala, India or Llasa.

I must have been stoned or in love when I saw it. Actually, I think it was both.

I’m jonesing for some good stomach virus- I need to let go of about 10 pounds right now.

If I had a gun I would have used it LONG AGO on myself. If you find one, I beg of you to point it directly at my head.

I'm still sending you some good tequila vibes.

Exactly why are we allowing tenants to move in in the middle of the night?

I am consumed about reading nice things about myself as I have no shame.

I'm a bitch before 2 pm.

Now where are my 2 adult children? You know, the crazy one & the crazy one?


  1. Anonymous3:52 PM

    ha! found one of mine! i always enjoy these types of posts...i'm still jonesing for a good stomach virus- maybe i should leave some eggs out and then eat them or something....

  2. hee hee! Even your friends are funny!

  3. I'm not sure if one of those is mine or not, because although one mentions tequila I don't remember specifically posting it. Of course, I could have been partaking of the tequila as I wrote which would explain the memory loss.

  4. Hmmmm. I'm a bitch after 2pm--that's when school gets out.

  5. I was stoned and in love most of my teen and young adult years. Those were the days.
    I love these mailbags!

  6. Here's another post I didn't want you to miss and your other blog pals might enjoy (otherwise I'd just e-mail you directly...and hope I make your next mailbag): the New York Times Magazine did an exceptional story on a comic friend of mine. And of course you'll want to get there via my "vital" intro to the article with brief commentary. If you don't hate her for seeming to have it made (given your family-vs.-career, "what might have been" discussion earlier...to which everyone can relate on some level, BTW, incl. me except for my lack of an actual "career"), you might find it encouraging. Or a way to kill time while you wait for the medication to kick in, or pie to be delivered. Whichever.

  7. chandler in lasvegas11:24 AM

    OMG! It is THURSDAY!!!!!
    Which means that tomorrow is

    {{{drum roll}}}}

    Everyone Can Bite Me Friday!

    The antici................PATION!