Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And Then There Was Pie

McLoserstene's Mom, Donna, was in town for a few days and instead of trying to kill me by making me walk 10 miles uphill in the snow on crutches like someone in her family, Donna went to the House of Pies! She bought me half a peach pie and gave me two pieces from a Key Lime pie she bought for her family. Martha Jane also wrote me yesterday and offered to have one sent over from Polly's but since she'll be here in 2 weeks, I told her to wait until she gets here and then I won't be forced to eat the whole pie by myself because in case I haven't mentioned it, I don't like sweets that much.

This might be a good time to mention that since I haven't been able to drive one ever for a few more months I miss my Lamborghini Countach. And miss it a LOT.

In other My Readers Are Very Amazing news, I got get well cards from Heidi and Denise. I don't remember giving Denise my address but as we all recall, she has issues and maybe those issues are stalking? Reader Eileen Cook is sending me a copy of her new book, which I've been dying to read since Jess Riley turned me on to the Debs, a website for debutante first novelists, of which they are both members.

Next Monday I'm starting a contest for a free giveaway of Jess' book, all autographed, shiny and without any coffee stains because it's hot off the presses. Jess sent me a copy to read while I was recuperating and I loved it. When she asked me to give another one away to one of you psychos, I jumped at the chance.

The contest involves one celebrity and two pairs of shoes. You have to guess who the celebrity is. If you don't guess the answer the first day, there will be clues every day until someone gets it right.

End of chat.


  1. YOU DID TOO GIVE ME YOUR ADDRESS!!!! And anyway, a talented stalker does things without being noticed. Just ask my husband.

  2. Ahhh, stalking that was so many jobs ago. Anyway, to comment about previous two posts. I love cherry pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, peach pie, rhubarb pie...not chocolate pie, go figure.

    You are lucky to have such good friends to bring you pie.

  3. Oooh! Another Suzy contest! Fun. I can't wait.

  4. I guess Oprah!

    (Oh, not now?)

    Glad you got some pie, cuz you know if I was anywhere even vaguely in the same time zone as you, I would have brought you a pie. But I would have taken 10%, too.

  5. Pomnot3:54 PM

    Have you seen the movie "Waitress"? It has lots of pies in it. I will have to watch it again because I'm usually half asleep when I watch DVDs at home . . .but I think I really liked it.

  6. I am soo happy you got pie! Do they let people mail pie? Perhaps in dry ice? I'll ask my postman.
    I will participate in the contest, but by then I will have already ordered Jess's book because I have no patience.

  7. Two of my favorite things . . . pies and contests.

  8. I would have sent pie- but I sensed it would travel well by post- thus the book.

  9. Psychos, books, pie ... a perfect day, really.

  10. You know, the first car I ever drove was a Countach. Now I drive a Citroen... does that seem right?

    La Prinny xxxx

  11. Ooooh, another blog to distract me from writing! Eileen sent me your way (and you'll love her book, by the way! When you're done with hers let me know if you want a copy of mine and I'll be happy to send one your way). Thanks for the kind Deb shout-out!
    Because you have pies on the menu I have to tell you I spent my night last night making chocolate cream pie for my son's girlfriends birthday. I'm partial to banana cream pie myself, and had never made chocolate cream pie, and didn't know quite the ingredients I needed. I had to substitute stale Oreos for the chocolate cookie crust. Turns out stale Oreos cook up just fine (though the crust could break a tooth it's so hard). But damn, I've discovered a mean chocolate cream pie recipe and I am forcing it on my kids this morning so that it's not calling out to me all day while I sit at my computer which is awfully close to the refrigerator...I SHOULD'VE just made the instant pudding/Cool Whip pie with the faux store-bought shell--would've taken 10 minutes (as opposed to a couple of hours) and I'd not be wanting damned pie for breakfast now!!!
    Love your site!

  12. Sleeping with: OMG I love chocolate cream pie. And having it for breakfast is just one of many ways it MUST BE eaten.

    And I'm going to forward this comment to you because yes, I'd love to read your book. All of the Debs' books are distracting me from finishing the final polish on my own! WIN WIN.

  13. Ack! You've discovered my dirty little secret...Pie for breakfast. I'm banking on the calcium benefits!
    I just got in from being out all day so I'll get over to my website and answer your email!