Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Pet Contest Winners

Out of 23 entries, I picked the final 10 for different reasons, none of which I'm going to reveal because I started getting entries back in October and now I've forgotten the reasons. Click on the label at the bottom of this post to see all the pictures again.

And the winner is:

Sidebar: The day the Academy Awards changed 'And The Winner Is' to 'And the Oscar Goes to' was the day I wanted to ram an angry squirrel up someone's ass. I'm not an egalitarian blog. There are WINNERS.

First Place: The Sheep and The Snowman. The concept was out of the box and made me wonder how medicated the creator of that picture was.

Second Place: The Boxers. The sheer effort of the entry was impressive.

Honorable Mention: Drunk Dog. Who among us doesn't want to get our pets drunk? Just me? Didn't think so.

First place has the option of either the baseball cap or the set of 6 blank cards with envelopes and second place gets what first place casts dismissively aside. If you are in first or second place, email me your address and the combination to your home safe and I'll get the prizes and burglars out to you right away.

I'm linking the finalists because they all have disturbing terrific blogs. Some of them didn't have links so just imagine them sitting at their computers wishing they did so they could trash me because they didn't win:

The humiliated Italian Greyhound Pet #1
The angry Christmas Squirrel Pet #2
Black Cat with lights Pet #3
The Elf and the Ferret Pet #4
The toilet Octopus and the drunk Dog # 5 and #9
The Sheep and the Snowman Pet # 6
The Boxers Pet # 7
The J.A.P. Pet #10

End of contest. Finally.


  1. You love me, you really really love me. I wasn't expecting to win so let me just wing it.

    I would like to thank:

    Erin for her opposable thumbs.

    Justin, Marsha, John, Preston, et al. for their comments and support.

    The snowman, may he rest in pieces.

    The where I got my big break.

    Suzy, who believed in me...hey wait! I don't take any psycho enhancement drugs! No, this is 100% me, baby.

    Ooo, I hear music in my head. I think that means I have to get off the keyboard.

    P.S. I will be posting pics of me with my prize on the Prowling Sheep blog as soon as I get it.

  2. OO...I forgot to thank my sheps.

    Thanks Jesse, Chris, et al.

  3. Congats to the winners! I am off to spike my cats water.

  4. Suzy,
    Thanks for picking my Boxers for
    2nd place!! I'll email you my Address again, I sent it for my ugly little turtle, but as for my safe combination, noway!! I have to many secrets in there...

    Nope Jenee, my 3 Thugs didn't eat me after I took the photo...

    MadMad, I'd be happy to take pictures of your children if I lived close enought to do so...

    Deb, I too think my Babies should get the last Babka...

    Eileen, about the only mauling a Child would get from a Boxer is a lick fest, they adore Children!

    Thanks to everyone that was pulling for my crazy Crew!

  5. Hi Suz, if you add www, the link should work.

  6. Congrats, winners. Grundir was going to do a hobbit entry but he just never got his shit together.

  7. Suzy, that contest was so much fun! Everyone had a blast. Since I didn't send my link, I'll just honk my own horn.

    Black cat with lights, MereCat!

  8. O great. I can't get DJ to calm down. Guess I will just have to pull out the old Vodka to knock the little sheep out so I can sleep.

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