Friday, October 05, 2007

Why My Dog Hated Me

Three pictures of my Yorkie, Kiko.
Lazy Dog

French Dog

Christmas Dog and I'm not talking about the guy, although he qualified in the finals


  1. Is it wrong that this entry totally terrifies me? Animals in clothing is freaky-scary!

  2. i dont know what to say. lazy dog? did he ever bite you?

  3. Anonymous6:34 AM

    Is the Lazy Dog alive?

  4. OOOOH beautiful doggie!
    And of course hilarious pictures.

  5. Lazy Dog was my Yorkie Kiko, who I had in NY. He passed on a long time ago and I was so brokenhearted I could never get another dog because I just couldn't handle the end.

    He was a hilarious dog and traveled the world with me or my sister. He got to Morocco before I arrived and went in a private jet to Vegas and I hadn't been there once. He was such a funny dog that whenever he saw somebody's suitcase open, he would go climb into it and just sit there.

    I would take him out of his kennel in the plane and lay him next to me, cover him with a blanket and he wouldn't move a hair. That's how much he wanted to go wherever we went. Now I'm crying!

  6. So, I wasn't sure how to submit the Christmas pets pictures, so here are a couple links to some cute/funny animals.

    All right, I have to go back to work.

  7. Erika, thanks for the links but if any of those pics won, I'd have to give the prize to the people who posted them on their blogs.

    The first one's a Photoshop with no attribution so I probably can use that one for your entry.

    I'll discuss how to best submit in an upcoming blog.

  8. Thats the prettiest guy I ever saw or is that your sis?

    He was a hilarious dog and traveled the world with me or my sister

    Gawd, he's gorgeous...

  9. I've always had pretty bf's. There was only one that was an 8 but yet my gf's always thought he was hot anyway.