Friday, October 19, 2007

What Kind Of Lingerie I Would Buy

Hmmm, what to get, what to get. Red, fur trim, diamonds? No, not Hugh Hefner.

Maybe some tight black leather with long dark fringe on the sides? No, not Hugh Jackman.

Ah, here we go. "Excuse me miss, do you have Hugh Laurie in a medium?"

This is the worst advertising copy ever. None of the fonts match. Look at the discrepancies in the two phone number layouts. Nothing lines up on the card because they were clearly using heroin cupcakes as they designed the copy.

And oh yes, THEY MISSPELLED HUGE. I actually called the Beverly Hills location because a certain friend of mine was convinced that the typo was on purpose and I might not have 'gotten it.' I asked the girl who answered the phone if there was a typo on the card and she started to laugh. "Yes, there is."

Do you know how many people had to okay this before it got printed? A lot. A lot of DUMB people. Because I almost forgot, THEY MISSPELLED HUGE.

End of chat.


  1. and you know for a couple of hundred bucks- you'd think they can have them redone- everything about it bothers me. they couldn't decide on a font or color so they used all the ones they liked. Gross

  2. It looks like somebody created it in MS Word instead of having it professionally designed? Still, it is kind of funny from that point of view...

  3. But you know what? I bet a lot of people noticed the flyer just because it was SO fucked up and showed it to their friends and will probably remember the name (but "Under G's"? Come on!) and maybe even posted it on the WWW for the world to see. Sometimes fucked-up is deliberate. Although I will admit that most of the time it's just Hugh cranking out shit on his laptop.

  4. I'm a HUGH fan of lingerie. And I am a hugh fan of making an ad look sharp.

    Actually, if I was lingerie shopping for my hot tamale wife, I probably wouldn't care if they said the undies were covered with "seekwins," because, as a guy, when I am lingerie shopping, I'm not thinking with my brain. So, despite my English Teacher Mom screaming at me from the back of my head about this ad, they'll probably be ok.

  5. I wish people would stop going through my closets and selling my stuff.

  6. Beckie9:44 AM

    The HUGH typo was both annoying and funny, however the thing that bothered me the most is the george washington-like wig she's wearing. Somehow I just don't think my man would find that sexy on me - even if I was distracting him with lacy nipple baring "clothing". Is white hair going to be the new black??

  7. me, I've bought Cosabella and Wolford lingerie there. It is not cheap so yes, they can afford a redo. 2 locations? One in BH?

    D2, ahhhhh, that explains why it looks so bad.

    Jami, I used to never remember the name of the store and kept calling it Ali G's.

    frogster, you're lucky you have a wife that will wear it. So many men complain to me that their wives won't.

    hugh, very funny.

    beckie, yeah, that wig is bad news. The fact that the photo was reduced and stretched lengthwise didn't help.

  8. surcie10:33 AM

    That totally hits a nerve with me. Errors in advertising and signage drive me nuts. A tanning salon near my house has a huge, neon yellow banner out front that says "Tan Till November!"


    I believe that signmakers and publishers have a moral obligation to tell their customers that they can't freakin' spell.

  9. heroin cupcakes as

    hee hee

  10. I hope that vinyl and latex number I want is on sale--the Howard Hughes.

  11. mickeys, you know you wish they had heroin cupcakes.

    Deb, very funny, you took it in a whole new direction!

  12. Found you via Suburban Turmoil, here in Nashville.

    As a production artist I process so-called "art" (no word has ever been stretched so far to fit what I deal with) to be printed on specialty ad items like pens, pencils, golf items, and those handheld stick fans they hand out at funerals, festivals and ballgames (as if to say "Here...YOU throw this away"). All that to say: "Welcome to my world."

    At any rate, using the word "huge" in a lingerie ad is a little risky anyway; the images it brings to mind could be depressing to the target audience--or intimidating, depending on which direction she's thinking. Or he...this is L.A. we're talking about, right? : )

  13. Haha, that must be a common mistake, because my friend and I will always text message each other whenever we find a horribly spelled business sign (read: "Knife's and More"). Just the other day, there was a HUGH YARD SALE. We were just like, "Hugh's selling his yard? But why?" X-) Great blog!



  14. Hey Jessica, thanks for stopping by.

  15. Allen Enlow5:35 AM

    Oink oink oink...I'm a misogynist the photo...what's a font?

    I related to this ad because it was obviously created by a pathetic adolescent loser (like myself) drooling over the photo so much that he never even noticed the...what do you call 'ems?...oh yeah, the words!

    Also Suzie- comedy goes in threes
    HUGH Hefner
    HUGH Laurie
    HUGH Grant.

    You've been a great crowd.
    I've got HUGH Dick.
    Good night!

  16. Uh Allen? Hugh Hefner, Hugh Jackman and Hugh Laurie is three.