Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Pets Of Christmas Contest

UPDATE: Please send your pics to me as a jpg. See my profile for my email address.

Last December I ran the 12 cards of Christmas, cards from comedians that I'd received over the years. I got so many emails on that series that I decided to do it again only this time it's the 12 pets of Christmas and it's a contest for the readers. And there's a prize. I come to your house and steal your pet. Remember Fun Bobby from Friends? I'm Fun Suzy.

It doesn't have to be your own pet and it doesn't have to be a real pet. It can be virtual, stuffed or dead; as long as it's dressed for Christmas and makes me laugh.

HOWEVER, you can not steal a jpg or a bmp from someone else's site. I didn't make this clear before because one side of my brain is on permanent hold with the DMV.

It has to be an original image, illustration or picture. UNLESS you have a friend who has a cool pic and he says you can use it and then I will need a name to credit said friend. Make sure that you tell this friend there is a prize and they will not get it because you're selfish. I mean smart.

You can enter as many times as you want but submit them before the first of December. You can submit them anonymously but I'll need an email addy from you in case you win. I will post reminders for this contest every week since if you're as lazy as I am, you'll forget and go to Starbucks instead. And when I say every week I mean any time I remember to do it.

The prize is a Where Hot Comes To Die baseball cap OR a set of six Where Hot Comes To Die cards with white envelopes.

I know a lot of you have pets like amphibians, reptiles and other icky phylums but don't think you can't win just because your iguana doesn't fit into a Santa suit. And disguising your husband as a pet does not offend me. I'm all about the genius behind the concept.

End of chat.


  1. This oughta be good!

    And I'm still chuckling about the "bloggers who think they're funny," from a few posts back. Or perhaps I shouldn't be...

  2. What if we just want to buy a hat?

  3. Beckie7:52 AM

    Don't have pets and don't look good in I'll sit this one out...but I can't wait to see the pictures!!

  4. madmad, I love writing your name out. It appeals to the hyperbolic side of me.

    Erika, this hat is the LAST hat from the first batch of merch I got. I'm switching vendors so I'll let you know when that happens.

    beckie, dress up your bf as a puppy.

  5. How about a Santa hat on a vibrator?

    (Seriously, this is fantastic. I'm going to try to get Daisy to cooperate so I can enter.)

  6. A Santa Hat on a vibrator. And you felt that I wouldn't approve?

  7. What if we are handy at photoshop and can steal an image but make it different enough that it's almost original?

    Because otherwise I have to get out of my chair.

  8. You already know I am going to enter a photo. I never thought of entering my husband, that's a great idea.

  9. diesel, too funny. I can see this contest is already out of control.

    gm, reallllllllllly out of control.

  10. Ok, I couldn't pass up the opportunity while I was home from work. I posted them on Flickr, but I promise they are mine.

  11. If you've given your vibrator a name and cuddle with it when you're home, my guess is it would qualify in Suzy's world. (I call mine "Raoul", BTW.)

  12. Erika, those did make me laugh. I thought it was hilarious that in one shot the hat isn't even touching the dog.

    Jami, I never named mine. I like Raoul though.

  13. Anonymous5:14 PM

    I am SHOCKED, SHOCKED I tell you that you would include my darling kitties in a contest with vibrator contestants. The fabulous felines are checking with their agent to find out if this is appropriate, or dare I say, would destroy their careers. (They have spent a lot of time in modeling class, practicing sleeping poses.)
    Martha Jane

  14. It's now become a dress up your vibrator Christmas contest.

    And I have no problem with that.

  15. Oh dear, I guess I have to go home for lunch again today. Damn.

  16. Bossy's Great Dane is like July, December, March, and June all rolled up into one.