Thursday, October 25, 2007

L.A. Sign Of The Times #27


  1. Not sure if I get this "Sign" or not. A local joke?

    This is a neat feature of your fantastically-written blog, but be careful not to fall into the same laziness ABC's "Nightline" has: calling any unusual thing that fills the space a "sign of the times." Some things are just unusual, but don't indicate any larger trend or characterize the era. Getting to be as meaningless as the word "classic." This reminder brought to you by the Society to Preserve Our Idioms.

    I chalk this up to the immigration problem we have here in Nashville (meaning all those people coming in from L.A.):

    (See, it's funny because they're not ACTUALLY cross-dressers...presumably).

    One more reason women are "weird" (your term); you get a kick out of painting men's toenails and seeing them dressed like this, etc...then complain that there aren't any "real men" out there! HA!

  2. MKH, click on the label at the bottom of this post. I take pics of everything LA and just call it Sign of the Times. Once you see the series, it might make more sense?

    But no, they're not really a sign of the times, just a local view of the town. I never watch Nightline, maybe if I did I would have called this series something else!

    But thanks for the comments and the kudos. Going to check out the cross dressers now.

  3. Thanks. I've seen the other "SOTT"'s you've posted; I've read pretty much your whole archive (that sounds creepy, but I think I mentioned we're REALLY slow at work!). Had to stifle laughter more than once so my co-workers won't think I'm crazy(er). And was blown away by the 2-parter about your dad. Wow. If we ever meet, you're gettin' a big hug! Maybe twelve!

    Didn't intend my last comment to come across as an unsolicited criticism from the literary police dept.; my observation was about "Nightline"'s SOTT, not yours. So far. So watch it. Or else. [Dang, there I go again!] HA! Hey, it's your blog, do whatever you want...the world will go on.

    And one more thing: check out comic Chonda Pierce--she's funny too, especially for a clinical-depression patient:

  4. MKH, no harm no foul. After you've been a comic and been heckled, a comment on the blog doesn't rock your world. I'm just glad you're a new reader.

    Checked out the Chonda piece, I know Christian Comedy is HUGE. I'll look for her.

    And as to the pieces on my dad, it's always a toss-up for me, do I bleed from the eyeballs and tell the truth or do I just continue to be a smartass?

    Thanks for the input. I may have to tell the rest of my story but OUCH.

  5. Are you sure this an LA sign of the times? I'm almost positive I pass this sign on my way to Wal-Mart. Not only that, I think I know that "girl".

  6. Now, see, why couldn't those fires out there be more... oh, I don't know, useful, while they're at it?

  7. Whoo, she definitely looks like an ad for the Superb Shemale Showbar!

  8. Jami and Jessica, I thought it was funny you both doubted that billboard sign was of a woman.

    First of all it's in Van Nuys, this club. And well, let's just say Van Nuys is not Hollywood. And secondly, a lot of these clubs just put pics of their gfs or friends of gfs. I thought s/he was homely.

    madmad, bite your tongue, I don't want those fires anywhere around my chicken shit ass.

  9. I didn't realize prostitution was legal in CA.
    You handled the heckler very well. I got angry and it isn't even my blog. Of course I do have anger issues anyway.