Thursday, March 04, 2010

To Jim From His Friend Suzy

I've been saying for years that I have the best readers in the world because you've sent me some amazing gifts in the past. And we all know that I'm just shallow enough to equate gifts with friendship.

But what I didn't know was how talented some of you are.

Last Friday I mentioned that it would be nice if I had a badge to award my Friday posts. I got three prototypes so there are tee-shirts going out to each of them, which then makes them eligible to spend a month on my sidebar with a link to their blogs or their facebook page or to Leo DiCaprio's house.

For every Friday I do one of my rants I will put up one of the badges. I love them all equally and have no favorites like YOU DID MOM so no need to choose sides in the comments because otherwise I will get no more free stuff.

Also? I am the perfect example of why people should not use fake names on the Internet. I already blew one link at the beginning of this month because I cannot keep people and their aliases straight. I call some of you Jim because I can't remember who you really are so Jim, if you're reading this, get with the program. Meanwhile, I'm now off to my accountant's where I file using two names, SUZY SORO and my real name GIANT HYPOCRITE.

Created by Spencer L. Casey
Created by Emily Szelestey.

Created by Deb Thaxton.


  1. Ohh..I like the first one! Are you sleeping yet?

  2. I like the first one!

  3. They are fantastic - you have such talented followers!

  4. -->Oh that's so nice that other people sent you graphics too! I can always add "award of the week" too.
    I vote for #3, of course.


  5. You have very talented friends. I have none.

  6. Awesome. I picked an extra good day to be afraid of you. Which I'm not really. Too much.


  7. unlike you, i like the first, best...

    word verif: ratic

  8. Spencer is the awesome.

  9. Oh goodies ... I haven't missed too many posts during my lackidaisical sojourn. AKA 5 day weekend. I like the pretty purple bite me.

    yup that's my vote!

  10. Two names, that's smart.

  11. Oh you do have talented friends!

  12. I love those badges! You are lucky to have such wonderful followers.
    I like each one, although the middle one scares me a little,which is a good thing.