Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Incredibly Uncool Me

According to a study in the Psychological Science journal, darkness, even from a pair of sunglasses, caused individuals to feel more anonymous in their decisions. Therefore, these individuals were more inclined to lie, cheat and partake in self-centered behaviors.

Welcome to Hollywood!

These days I'm lost to Twitter and have to apologize to Kimberley Schmahl, a reader from my early years of blogging. Of course she was on Twitter since 1967 and I said I would never EVER get on board that train. Through the magic nightmare that is Google I found this tweet she and a guy exchanged about me a few years ago.

GUY: Is Suzy Soro on Twitter?
KS: No, she's too cool for Twitter.
GUY: I'm afraid of her.

All conversations about me end with those 4 words.

Twitter has followers just like Blogging and the most aggravating part is that I have almost as many followers there as I have here. But in 4 and a half MONTHS instead of a year? two years? century? it took me to get them on my blog.

Bonus? You can get some wackos to follow you: One of Heidi's followers was trashing her plastic surgery and we all know HOW WRONG THAT IS so I jumped in to defend her (shut UP) and the next thing you know, Heidi started to follow me. Two days later Spencer started to follow me. Unlike other sane people, I'm following them back.

Another bonus? You can track your favorite comedians, singers, authors, artists and write them, hoping they'll fill the void that is your life by pretending that you know them. Conan O'Brien just joined and as much as I think he was a big baby for walking away from his job, his tweets are hilarious.

If anyone's curious what I look like with a beard, it's this ?:^(0) Coincidentally, that's also my ATM pin number.

This morning I watched Remington Steele while eating Sugar Smacks out of a salad bowl. I was naked.

Today I interviewed a squirrel in my backyard and then threw to commercial. Somebody help me.

And yes, I'm following him and no, he has no idea who I am. But if he did he would probably be afraid of me too.

End of chat.


  1. -->I always find it weird that out of nowhere I get a few more followers and have to remember what the hell I tweeted about. People are combing for key words so if you want to find even more weirdos, type in "anal sex" or "Justin Bieber."


  2. OH no, you follow the Speidi disaster train? Ahhh! Yeah, haven't got into twitter yet. Don't get it really.

  3. Oh shit. I'm such an embarrassment. I don't even know who Heidi and Spencer? are.

    The list of celebrities I'm following on Twitter would make your hair curl. John Stamos, the other guy from Full House (his name escapes me at the moment) and you.

    And I'm only following that other guy from Full House as a joke because I tease an old BF of mine that he reminds me of.....that guy. What is his name? Shit.

    Oh, and it was through him that I clicked on "follow" for John Stamos. Lame does not even begin to describe me.

  4. HA! I love me some Conan. I'm going to go follow him. Because I have been turning up my nose at Twitter, quite vocally at that, I think I'm missing out on a lot of Tweeting greats.

    If you haven't seen this tweeter, you oughta check it out: shitmydadsays. Hysterical.

  5. great post. i tweeted about speidi when their new book came out and they are still following me since that tweet. they have so many followers and people they are following, i know they never actually read my tweets and have forgotten all about "that girl who said that thing about our book and had a post about us on her blog." i used to follow some great celebs but i was tired of them not responding to my tweets. i was all, like, hello? i help pay your bills when i watch your shows, movies, buy your books, etc. throw a fan a freaking bone. geez! sorry about my rant. take care.

  6. Now a tweeter? Oh, and I thought Suz was so hip. (kind of the way I used to feel about Grace Slick. Yea, thanks for blowing that one for me)

  7. Remington Steele and sugar crisps...I'm going to throw up from laughing. Guess I'll go catch up with my twitter acct...

  8. Anonymous10:43 AM

    I am so impressed w/your blog, twittering, etc. And unfortunately, am too old to twit. I can barely operate my cell phone (and don't ask me how to retrieve messages - way too complicated for me).
    Aloha, MJ

  9. I can't get into the Twitter thing for some reason. Maybe I am worried about crazies? I don't know. I will just live vicariously through you Suzy...once again you crack me up. Kori xoxo

    Oh, people always say they are afraid of me too? WTF?

  10. I haven't gotten into twitter not that I don't have the time just don't get it ....maybe you need to do a tutorial!

  11. I don't expect celebrities to @ me on Twitter. But I'm happy you aren't cool any more, Suzy. Because your tweets are hilarious.

  12. Suzy, your tweets are hilarious. P.S. I HOPE you get some sleep, sometime this month. Can't you take a pill?

  13. Suzy, your tweets are hilarious. P.S. I HOPE you get some sleep, sometime this month. Can't you take a pill?

  14. I joined Twitter several days ago. I have no idea what to do with it. I'm just not that pithy, I guess.

  15. I KNEW you were a closet Conan fan. KNEW IT

  16. I love me some CoCo!

    I cannot believe that you are actually following those losers back!
    For shame!

  17. That darkness thing is totally true. No doubt about it. That's why I love the night life, I like to boogie.



  18. Twitter? I am just not that into Twitter...

  19. It's the same as FB, the follower thing, I mean.
    I started a fan page on FB for Heidi's Notes and within hours I had 18 fans. It took me years to get that many for my blog, damn it!

  20. And I thought only twits tweeted .... Of course, I'll wait until it's passe (never can find the accent aigu on the keyboard).

  21. I don't tweet (however I have been told that I snore). And I just today opted to take break from Facebook because I needed some time in my life for like, living it. And I'm not afraid of you at all. In fact I like you. Does that make me strange? (I hope so!)

  22. I'll just wait for Suzy's compilation tweet post!

  23. I'm still resisting Twitter. I'm really not sure how much longer I can hold out when you sell it so well!

  24. dang... i've got followers on twit and i've yet to post a single (.), or even a (,)... go figger

  25. I am still holding out on twitter. I held out for a long time on facebook too. And I held back a long time on adding the follower link on my blog.

    Slow to the game you might say...

    I don't get the twitter thing. Does anyone really care about anyone that much that they need updates on them frequently?
    Well, and I can't think of a good name to create my twitter account. Once I do-I'm in!!!

    And then once I'm in - I'll totally follow you. But not because of Speidi-who I dislike.

  26. I love me some Conan. I'm going to go follow him.
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