Monday, March 08, 2010

My Twittery Take On The Oscars

If you read the post at BlogHer yesterday, then you already know who I predicted would win, my best and worst dressed and all the other bs I spew on a regular basis.

But if you're not following me on Twitter then you missed some of these pearls I spent hours live-tweeting. Twitter is so interactive you wonder if some of these people, or ppl, take speed typing courses inbetween live pop-culture events.

Twitterers are so fast, funny and annoying, (guess which category I fall into? SURPRISE!) that it's hard to keep up so I've left in all my spelling errors and poor grammar to show you the PRESSURE I WAS UNDER. Ok, not really, grammar is just not my thing and why are there "R's" in EVERY SINGLE FUCKING WORD ON THE PLANET?

Here's what you did, or didn't, miss:

***Gabourey Sidibe has to leave early to return her dress to ABC Carpets.

***Demi Moore Best Dressed

***Mo'Nique said she was as excited to do Showtime at the Apollo as to be nommed for an Oscar. ON WHAT PLANET?

***Sandy B. throwing gang signs on channel 7 cameras. Gotta love L.A.!!

***Why People Hate L.A.: Celebrities thowing gang signs at the Oscars.

***JLo is hiding Marc Anthony under the left side of her dress.

***I thought James Taylor was dead. Imagine my surprise.

***When black ppl win an Oscar the cameras only point out black ppl in the audience. Rude. THEY'RE STILL THERE WHEN WHITE PPL WIN.

***Are Cameron and SJP pregnant or do they think women look good wearing cub scout tents?

***Taylor Lautner is so ugly my TV turned itself off when he came on.


  1. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Great post. Was at an Oscar party when the Hi-Def went belly up and we had to watch it on (gasp!) regular TV.
    Aloha, MJ

  2. Anonymous2:22 PM

    I thought Demi had to best dress too. Too bad she's a bad actress.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  3. James Taylor is NOT dead???????

  4. And how does Demi keep looking younger and younger? Surgery or botox..what do you think? Totslly dorky question, but I am really curious!

    Word verification: glychlja

    Definition: a cross between Jake Gyllenhaal (or however you spell his names,) and a chinchilla.

  5. I thought Demi looked great until I saw that she had no movement in her face! maybe Botox is NOT that good an idea!

  6. Didn't watch, but saw some things today! I missed Sandra and her gang signs:(

  7. Demi, best dressed, no doubt about it, from the Fragrant Liar camp. I thought she was actually looking a little older (and thinner), so Botox never entered my mind. But with a hubs 16 years her junior, I can see why she'd do it. I'd do it too.

    I need to learn this tweeting thing. But I need a schtick, or I'll never do it.

  8. -->Sandy Bullock grew up in the 'burbs of DC. I'm thinking her gang signs were for Marion Barry.
    Or Joe Biden.

  9. And yet nothing about Charlize's boob dress?!

  10. Ugh, Taylor Lautner. I spent so much time trying to understand why he, Kristen Stewart, Miley Cyrus, and Amanda Seyfried were there. Did you catch how in the horror movie montage they showed a clip from New Moon? Uh, not in my world does a film featuring sparkly vampires reside with Pinhead, Freddy, and Jason.

  11. Great post. I thopught Demi looked great also. Did you see those legs?!! Sorry, I knew James Taylor wasn't dead--love to hear that man sing..but then, I'm an old fart.

  12. "Taylor Lautner is so ugly my TV turned itself off when he came on."

    This actually happened to me the other day when 50 Cent appeared on my screen. No joke.

  13. I think he's ugly too! I thought I was the only one.

  14. I won't mention to E the tweet about Taylor Lautner.LOL! He does have a nice body though, I mean for a kid.

  15. I saw that she had no movement in her face! maybe Botox is NOT that good an idea!
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