Wednesday, July 25, 2007


We all have one talent that will never make us money and is generally just a giant waste of time.

Mine is that I'm able to recognize the names of famous people who do voiceovers for commercials. I can have friends over for dinner and be in the kitchen cooking and if the TV is on and there’s a commercial break I will shout out ‘Christine Lahti!’ or ‘Patrick Dempsey!’

McLoserstene can correctly identify the music played on any popular TV show and tell you what movie soundtrack it’s from.

And you thought mine was ridiculous.

Her friend Kristin, from Ohmagah, Nebraska, can walk into a room and tell you that it smells like Barbies. Or a pencil. Stuff no one can prove, essentially.

And you thought McLoserstene’s was ridiculous.

I call it the Niche Market Business Association and even though it’s completely useless we have three members and are looking for more. Hopefully dues-paying members.

Applications now being accepted.

End of interview chat.


  1. You might want to reconsider the name of your organization. On first glance I thought it said "NAMBLA" and there's an entirely different kind of noticing going on with those folks.

    As for my superpower, I can walk into a room and instantly tell if the owner is a pig. Am I in?

  2. Jenee, I think all standups can do that.

  3. My wife and I play that game. We're like, "Ooooh, I know it. It's... it's... Mandy Patinkin!"

  4. And speaking of Diesel, his blog is one of the funniest out there. Click on the green badge on my sidebar to read Mattress Police or click on his name in his comment.

    And if you think you're funny AND brave, go list your humor blog with them....

  5. now listen- I do this too- with kid movies- oh listen it's so and so! of course it helps that they advertise who they are so it's like a multiple choice test ;P

  6. My talent is similar to yours, in a less specific way. My husband has the annoying habit of saying, "Hey! Isn't that....?," followed by a grossly inaccurate guess of who it is (in a movie, commercial, voice-over, etc.). To which I reply with a terse "Nope." Occasionally I'll just save us both time and say "Nope" before he even gets to the name of the person.

  7. P.S. I wish *I* was a toaster tester. How deliciously organized he is.

  8. So would your organization work together to fight the injustices of the world? Or mischeif? some kind of anthem? there's potential here.