Thursday, July 05, 2007

Pope On A Rope

I bought this painting from a woman who recreates TV and movie moments and turns them into art. I never watched The Brady Bunch. I saw it once and thought that it was so stupid that I never watched it again. However, buying a painting of it years later and topping it with a small 1950's plastic replica of a TV set and a duplicate of the thingamajig that goes over a Pope's dress seemed appropriate. And wrong. And comedy is all about the wrong.

End of chat.


  1. I have been waiting to see this. I love pop art or in this case Pope art?
    Of course I also love The Brady Bunch and T.V., Pope not so much. OOPs Blasphemy!

  2. gm, Pope Art! You could've been a standup....

  3. Anonymous10:52 AM

    hello? isn't it time to update your Brady's to the film version of the characters?

    love from Alice Nelson

  4. Hey Alice (really my funny friend Henriette Mantel who played Alice in the film version and also did the Ralph Nader film)If someone who was in the movie doesn't send me a picture, what am I supposed to do?

  5. surcie8:36 PM

    Pope Art! Love it!

    I saw The BB Movie again on tv last week. I'd forgotten how good it is.

    Even if you didn't watch the show, please tell me you are familiar with the music--like "It's a Sunshine Day," and "Time to Change." So bad it's good. I mean groovy.

    (I have Barry Williams' autograph.)

  6. Sorry, I was a Partridge Family girl. I've heard you're either one or the other. It's like Coke vs Pepsi.